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  1. 5spd540

    eBay question

    For the folks that sell on eBay. My question is why do they collect sales tax on some but not all transaction? Do you get a 1099 tax form from eBay for this stuff? I am new to selling on eBay. I have only sold a few items.
  2. 5spd540

    600-3000 sandpaper sale

    600 purple box 50 sheets to the box 35$ 800 Purple box 50 sheets to the box 35$ 1000 purple box 50 sheets to the box 35$ 1200 purple box 50 sheets to the box 35$ 1500 purple box 50 sheets to the box 35$ 1500 trizact white box 15 sheets to the box 15$ All of above is Velcro back paper 3000 white...
  3. 5spd540

    Sandpaper sale

    600 35$ each 100 sheets 800 35$ each 100 sheets 1000 35$ each 100 sheets 1200 35$ each 100 sheets 2000 35$ each 50 sheets 3000 45$ each 15 sheets I have multi box’s available. Let me know your needs and I may can make a deal on a large order. This stuff is 100$ a box from 3m supplier
  4. 5spd540

    Christmas sale

    35$ each plus shipping. These are about 100$ each of you buy them from a 3m dealer. Let me know you wants or needs and maybe we can make a bulk deal. I have a few of each left.
  5. 5spd540

    Citgo gas sign

    I have a 48x48 citgo plastic sign. Anyone know the real value of this? May look into to selling it off as I don’t really have room for it any more.
  6. 5spd540

    New TKO600

    I have a new never used or even out of the box trans. 2200$ contact me if interested and we can work out a deal on shipping. It is the .64 overdrive 5speed
  7. 5spd540

    Car show donations

    I am trying to help a small time local car club put on a show. Where and how do you go about getting donations. We need trophy’s,door prizes,goodie bag items and so forth. Just thought someone here could help me with products or ideas. Let me know if you know of how to go about this.
  8. 5spd540

    Fuel pump help

    I have a 79 camaro I just put the motor in but it’s a mid 90s 350 without a mech fuel pump boss. What electric fuel pump would you recommend and do I need to run a return line and if so how do I do that? Been out of a camaro for 7 years. The motor is only a 260 horse motor but just want to get...
  9. 5spd540

    Engine builder please help

    I have a 400 small block 30 over that to me has a lot of end play on the big end of the rods. How much is too much. I was told should be .020 and mine is .048 this is a used motor not new build. Just want to use it as is but want to know if it will be ok or do I need new rods?
  10. 5spd540

    Extra set of rods

    I have a extra set of rods for a motor I tore down but it can’t be rebuild bad cylinder. If I am gonna keep these rods do I torque the caps or what do I need to do to save them?
  11. 5spd540


    Tach 10$ Volt meter 30$ Oil pressure 60$ Temp gauge 35$ I have the lights for the gauges but not pictured. All plus shipping. If price is too high pm me a offer.
  12. 5spd540

    Wiring light issue

    Well I have head lights Front and rear flashers Brake lights. Can’t get any turn signals or rear running lights. Anyone have any idea what to check or do the get my rear running lights and my turn signals to work?
  13. 5spd540

    WTB carb tuning kit

    Looking for a edelbrock tuning kit. Let me know what you have or even if you have stuff left over.
  14. 5spd540

    Need some carb help

    I have a Holley 390 4 barrel on a after market 4 barrel intake. Yes the motor only make about 120hp. I have a off idle stumble it’s on a straight 6 if that matters. Let me know if you have any help to provide.
  15. 5spd540


    I am looking for a TKO 600. If you have one or know anyone let me know. Please send price to me.
  16. 5spd540

    Wtb rearend

    I am looking for a Ford 9inch let me know if you have a complete or a housing for sale that you will ship.
  17. 5spd540

    T56 help

    does anyone know what the difference in a 98-02 and a 95-97 t56 is? I am looking at one but the guy don't know what it came out of and it's in a s10 with a gen 1 sbc in it. The
  18. 5spd540

    WTB manual trans

    I am looking for a tko600 or a t56. Let me know if you have one and will ship it.
  19. 5spd540

    I wanna bike after seeing this

  20. 5spd540

    Paint help please

    i can't get my paint gun to not splatter my sealer. It mixes 4 to 1. Let me know if you know why it splatters and not lay down flat? The recommended tip is 1.6 to 2.0 I have tried 1.6 and 1.8 tips. I am lost on this big time.

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