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    wtb non ac heater controls

    hey guys was wondering if anybody has a non ac heater control for a 1970 Camaro. I got one for a ac car but cant use it. :bowtie:
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    WTB Parts Heater Control - non AC

    do you still have non ac heater controls for sale
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    1970 camaro

    wtb 1970 thru 78 non ac vent ducts body shop lost mine
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    1970 Z28 non ac vent ducts

    hi everyone im looking for the non ac vent ducts for a 1970 Z28 need the defroster duct and passenger side duct. also looking for windshield wiper container and coolant overflow container:bowtie:
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    1970 z28 engine not fitting

    engine was in and everything was fine. until I pulled it out for paint nothing was changed. I have the tower engine mounts with headman headers. its almost like my frame has somehow warped. nothing was changed or moved. is it possible the frame has somehow warped
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    1970 z28 engine not fitting

    hi everybody I got a 1970 z28 I pulled my sbc 350 to have painted removed the front frame after body shop reinstalled all body panels I went to reinstall my engine and I cannot get the passenger side of the engine to go down far enough to install the motor mount bolts without forcing the engine...
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    "Custom Clips" and "Thing's" for sale

    do you have any of the aluminum spacer blocks
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    1970 z/28 rear sway bar

    no I got them already just need the sway bar to complete the set:bowtie:
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    1970 z/28 rear sway bar

    yeah trying to stay original to the year are you interested in selling yours
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    1970 z/28 rear sway bar

    looking for a original 11/16 rear sway bar to install on my Camaro does anybody know if there is a company selling any as I have been looking for a long time with no luck

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