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    First passes ever on a 275 Radial

    Bloody quick, but it sounds like you're killing a BUNCH of power to make it off the line, etc.
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    Let's talk about engine break in

    I remember reading somewhere where it's important to heat cycle the valvesprings a couple of times before laying a beating on them. Most new vehicles are quite specific about being easy on them (avoiding full throttle runs) for a few thousand miles, and most would agree it's best to get an oil...
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    Rear gear guestion

    28" slicks should do the trick with 4.56's. When I ran 4.56's it was with 29.5" slicks and at 125 MPH it was turning roughly 6900 through the traps.
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    My 1972

    Converter looks tight for the combo but it could be a blessing in terms of hooking the car. If traction wasn't an issue I'd look towards a 6k stall. Looks like a 7500 RPM combo to me, and should run 9's once dialed. Sounds like it would run 8's. ;)
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    454 build

    924-16 springs at most. Lots of guys will sell you on the big spring pressures, and they have they're place. The problem is where longevity is concerned, and all you'll get when you lose the cam is shrugs and accusations/assumptions of what happened. If you can find a spring package that will...
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    I want to run 7's ( in the 1/8th), will this work?

    As mentioned always try what you have and adjust as required. 4.56's would be my suggestion, as they are still pretty streetable if your street tires are 28" tall, otherwise you should go with a shorter slick for the track.
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    BBC Balancer recommendation?

    A stock replacement Powerbond 427 harmonic for a street engine will do the trick, their SFI balancer is about midway between a stock one and the ATI and it is a very nice piece.
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    Engine breakin...

    Street engine, 300 to 500 miles of around town driving coupled with some short highway speed runs is what we recommend.
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    hp gains?

    Well, install the converter, kick their butts, then reinstall your old converter. ;) Nitroush does an excellent job of fixing "holes" low in the powerband, something like a sniper or super powershot kit would do the trick. No reason not to try more timing, it might respond very well to 38 to...
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    hp gains?

    If you're converter truely stalls at 3500, you shouldn't have this issue. A converter that flashes to 4000 would likely fix most/all of your woes.
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    383 stroker combos

    20+ years in the industry has given me enough knowledge that I don't need to search broke hyper pistons, I just choose the right piston for the job. Not every engine NEEDS forged pistons. You should get ahold of the dummies at GM Performance and have them recall all their CT525, ZZ4, etc...
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    Cam duration for a 350

    Unless you've got a bunch of compression, gearing and converter/4 speed, the Thumpr is a better choice for a 350.
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    SBC 427 HP question

    The shortblock builder might have already tried/used those heads with those pistons, the other option is to have him give you the part number and you can call the manufacturer and see if the pistons are compatable with a 60/40 valve spacing head.
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    383 stroker combos

    Nope, drop it back from the 10.5:1 I suggested in my previous post. 9.5:1 is perfectly fine, I just don't want to hear you've detonated a piston if you tread higher. If you were going forged, by all means do the 10.5:1 deal, since they will take the detonation (if it happens) a lot better than a...
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    speed world

    So is this environmental, noise related, or risk related? Seems like a poor time to pull the plug on ANY tax revenue, no?
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    355 Cam selection

    I think you'll be pleased with that cam choice. We're in the middle of a 406 build for a third gen Camaro. 11.3:1 AFR 195's Extreme Energy 294 hyd roller/short travel lifters This car will have traction issues, and if it doesn't it's going to hurt the weak factory differential, which is on...
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    383 stroker combos

    If you're planning on the hyper pistons, drop back on the compression ratio, as they are fragile compared to forged. Given that you're wanting torque I'm going to assume you're looking for idle to 4000 performance, hyper pistons are a good choice for that application. Additionally, at that...
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    Small Block Build Advice

    It comes down to what you can find for blocks. The 400 blocks generally speaking don't require clearancing, or at most a little massaging. They're pretty tough to find these days, making the 383 the default engine to build. Contrary to what many people think, the factory 400 crank and rods is...
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    SBC 427 HP question

    Might want to look at the 235's instead, the shortblock won't mid. ;)
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    What's compression worth

    If you're happy with the engine, who gives a turkey what the dyno says? Enjoy it, and when you want more, step it up. Cheers

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