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  1. dadgonebroke

    72 Deluxe Upholstery Color ID

    I'm looking at getting replacement black deluxe seat upholstery for my 72. It's black interior but I see Legendary calls it Black salt and pepper? I don't see it but I just want to order correctly. Input is welcome.
  2. dadgonebroke

    Seat Track Carpet Covers 1971-1974

    I find plenty of questions looking for these seat track carpet covers but no answers.
  3. dadgonebroke

    Seat Relocation Bracket Videos?

    It might be a no-brainer doing an install of the typical seat relocation brackets but things are seldom as easy as they appear. So before I start, has anyone made videos or is there an instruction for installing the brackets- over or under the carpet for the taller folks?
  4. dadgonebroke

    Z28 Bowtie Center Cap INSERT Experiences?

    Trying to figure out whether to replace my faded Z28 center caps or buy Budz inserts? Anyone have experience with the bowtie inserts?
  5. dadgonebroke

    Bowtie Center Cap Quality Choices?

    I've spent the last half hour in the search section in hopes of finding quality reproduction blue bowtie caps used 1970-74 Z28's and I even noticed someone selling emblem overlays for the 15 inch Z28 wheel. What are our current choices?
  6. dadgonebroke

    Brake Booster Purchases

    The brakes have been a bit mushy since I got the car in '14. I had the master cylinder replaced and that didn't help as much as hoped so I'm trying to locate a PB brake booster that fits like a glove without issue and looks just as good. Someone had mentioned an original looking setup from...
  7. dadgonebroke

    70-73 Tail light housing original color?

    I'm cleaning up my trunk on the '72 and have paint spray over the tail light housings. What color did they come from on the Camaro's- white plastic or?
  8. dadgonebroke

    Threads on Battery Tray Replacement?

    I ordered a new battery tray for my 72 to be prepared for replacement. I've gotten one bolt out and the other is rusty too.Getting the feeling I've opened a can of worms. Is there any detailed info detailing battery tray removal?
  9. dadgonebroke

    Ebay 1970 thru 1973 Jack Cover

    If anyone's interested, I see a repro 70 thru 73 jack cover on Ebay for $50 or best offer.
  10. dadgonebroke

    Can this possibly be legal?

    My son does maintenance on windows and doors in high end homes and this label is posted at his shop- basically says employees are only paid half rate of pay when driving from the employer's shop to the customer's home. It's tough as some of his customers are several hours away. Can this possibly...
  11. dadgonebroke

    Distributor rebuilders?

    I recently obtained a correct distributor for my '72 LT1 and wonder who does rebuilds for some of you guys. To my knowledge, there's nothing wrong but I'd like to have it gone through and brought up to snuff. I contacted Jerry Macneish and it is something that he does for about $175. I...
  12. dadgonebroke

    Ebay '73 Z28- 22k miles= $69,500
  13. dadgonebroke

    Moving Back to Florida

    After 5 years away- my wife and I are moving back to Florida-
  14. dadgonebroke

    Ebay 4 speed Tulip style Shift Knob
  15. dadgonebroke

    Newer "Lift" Shifter Knob on Ebay For Sale

    This is the more common knob but you don't see them often for sale.
  16. dadgonebroke

    Leaking Master Cylinder- Options?

    I've had my '72 RS Z28 for two years now and the brakes are and have been mushy and as I checked the reservoir this week again, front side is down 1/3 and the rear side is almost empty. As the car is pretty much original, what do you guys recommend for remedies? Send it out for rebuild- buy new...
  17. dadgonebroke

    Nice '73 RS-Z28-4 Speed-AC on Ebay It's not mine or anyone I know- it's just a nice car but 151k miles.
  18. dadgonebroke

    LT-1 Winters/Holley 1/4 inch Thick Intake Base Insulator/Gasket

    I'm replacing the 650 Holley currently on my '72 LT-1, with a date correct 780 Holley and the 1/4 inch thick base gasket marked 3999198 got torn. Not having any luck locally- do any of you know of vendors that supply these?
  19. dadgonebroke

    SMS Interior

    Has anyone done any business with SMS Interiors lately. I called in a simple order for 1 yard of black deluxe seat covering. It was billed to my credit card on 10-24. When I called to inquire where the order was, they phone systems says to email any questions about current orders. I've emailed...
  20. dadgonebroke

    '74 Z28 Shift knob? on Ebay I don't profess to be a Z28 guru but I've never seen this knob on a Z28.

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