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    gas fuel tank venting, return lines, charcoal canister

    My return line got damaged , instead of running a new one can I use the canister line as the return? Since it's not currently hooked to tank or canister?
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    Tach slowly climbs

    Sorry if this is a repost, but i could not find any specific discussions on this issue. Basically when the key is turned the tach bounces, then once the car is cranked it slowly begins to climb ( kinda like the second hand on a clock ) Is this a resister issue ? This car had "slash and burn"...
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    Question for you nitrous experts

    Im installing a nitrous express "mainline" system (carb plate - wet shot ) starting with 50 hp jetting and possibly moving up to 100 at some point. Nitrous express paperwork says that i should be running 10PSI fuel pressure for the mainline system. Im currently running 8PSI which is what holly...
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    Instaling Nitrious express system - spark plug question

    I was told that for 50-100 shot in my sbc 350 i would want 2 degree colder plugs. Not really sure what that would be? it that 2 degrees colder then a standard plug for a 350? Anyone have any suggestions on the plugs to go with? i was told at race shop that i also did not wanna use split fires...
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    Quick TH350 question pertaining to drive gear

    judging from this picture of a 700R4 trans : - it looks like the drive gear is directly accross from the plug hole :) i think i found my problem
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    Quick TH350 question pertaining to drive gear

    yes, i tested the cable and it seems fine, and the drive gear teeth look brand new. i was thinking thats its placement on the shaft might be the issue :screwup: its not centered with the plug hole. not sure if its supposed to be
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    Quick TH350 question pertaining to drive gear

    im getting nothing on my speedo, and im wondering if the drive gear has moved out of place, i know there is a clip in there or atleast there should be. I can spot the drive gear in there 8 tooth orange it looks like. howerver it does not apear to be centered with the plug hole. im wondering if...
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    Nitrous Oxide - duel solinoid vs single solinoid systems

    Looking into a wet shot , plate style system. Excuse me if im overlooking something simple - i have been pouring over vids and articles online and im not sure how the single solinoid systems work. I understand having one inline for the NO and one for the fuel, however i see some of these type...
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    Tach issue and wire identification

    well i took the tach completely out and tested my wires back through the firewall for continuity, everything seems to check out fine - but i thought i would go ahead and rule out the circuit board and all the connections , by running 3 new wires, a ground to the frame a 12v from battery and a...
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    Tach issue and wire identification

    well, i went ahead and removed the piece of wire that had the condenser on it ( it was only spliced in ) so now the brown cable comes stright from firewall into the side of distributer - behaviour on tach is now : when i turned the car on from a cold state - it slowly went around the entire dial...
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    Tach issue and wire identification

    thanks red, good to know :bowtie:
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    Tach issue and wire identification

    When i crank my '79 the tach just pegs out, all the way and sits there. does this sound like an issue with grounding? perhaps a connectivity issue or could the condensor thats inline on the way to distributor cause this? the original radio was removed from the car and i just ran new wires, so do...
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    Tips For A Transmission Fluid Leak

    I am leaking transmission fluid from somwhere and over the next few days i will be trying to find it. Didn't know if you guys had any tips for locating it, and once found what do do about it or what it will cost to seal. Its a turbo 350 trans in a 79 camaro. Any thoughts will be welcome.
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    side view of rear spoiler

    if thats the same one that would be on a 79z - i have got one you can black though, and im in spartanburg S.C. :crazy:
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    Got some items - i think they are mostly from a 79

    not wanting to ship...sorry should have mentioned that earlier
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    Got some items - i think they are mostly from a 79

    looks like the cowl may be gone :)
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    Got some items - i think they are mostly from a 79

    I have a spoiler and a hood cowl - . Send me an email [email protected] if your interested. I would like these to go to someone who needs them - and not a reseller. The folks on this board have helped me alot, so i thought i would try to unload this here. :bowtie: Im in wellford, S.C...
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    Door hinge pin replacement 79 camaro

    so it sounds like - the doors do not have to be removed if you do the pins one at a time - also it sounds like the springs do not have to be removed either....correct?
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    Door hinge pin replacement 79 camaro

    i saw i can buy the pins and bushings for about 20 bucks.....has anyone done this on a '79 - if so are there any hidden "gotchs" that would keep this from being a standard pin replacement?

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