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    WTB 1973 Z28

    I have had one before. Needs to be the real thing. AC is ok, prefer the turbo 400 and 3:42 posi. No rust and the interior needs to be sound with no cracks or damage.
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    WTB 1973 Z28

    Looking for a 1973 Z28 Camaro, prefer the turbo 400 version. No rust, not trashed either. Needs to be all there and driveable.
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    1974 Camaro

    I had a 1974 Z28 Camaro that came from Canada. Opening the trunk I could see the round tail light holes from a 1970-73 camaro rear end. Is it possible GM used up the left over bodies from 1973 and adapted them to the 1974?
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    Convert a 1974 Camaro in a 1973 Camaro

    What do I need to convert my plain 1974 camaro into a 1973?
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    WTB Nice 1974 Bumpers-front and rear

    I am looking for the plain 1974 bumpers with the single rubber strip. I'd like to find a nice set with good rubber and the anodizing is still good. I do not need the heavy metal behind them, just the bumpers.
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    WTB 1974 Z28 Air Cleaner

    As it says, I am looking for a 1974 Z28 air cleaner, thanks
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    WTB Complete set of Headers with sides pipes

    I'd like to find a set of headers with sidepipes for a 2nd gen camaro.
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    1974 Camaro front and rear bumpers

    I would like to find a nice set of bumpers for my 1974 Camaro. Needs to be very nice with good to great rubber inserts
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    WTB Open Element Air Cleaner

    Looking for an open element air cleaner like came on the 69 Z28 and the 1973 Z28
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    1974 Camaro Dash alternatives

    Has anyone replaced the plastic dash with something else that does not warp, squeek, rattle become misalligned?
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    WTB: Very Nice 1974 Camaro Bumpers, front and rear

    I would be interested in finding a nice set of front and rear 1974 camaro bumpers with the smooth rubber strip (not the ones with bumper guard protrusions)
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    WTB 4 Speed Console

    Would like to find a 4 speed console for 2nd gen camaro. Thanks
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    Aligning the 3 piece rear spoiler

    I searched the threads for this and could not find any hints. I am not sure why the quality control was so poor at GM. My 3 piece rear spoiler is not evenly gapped or in line either. Any suggestions from someone who has gone through this and succeeded?
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    WTB 4 Speed conversion parts

    I have a 1974 Camaro that I wish to convert to a 4 speed. What I need are the pedals, frame parts and console.
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    WTB Front and Rear Bumpers 1974 Camaro

    I am looking for a very nice set of front and rear bumpers for a 1974 camaro. I do not want the ones with the built in guards.
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    WTB Chrome Headers and Sidepipes

    I am looking for a set of small block headers and side pipes in chrome. I wonder if they are made anymore or is the 2nd gen too old for that?
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    ideas for a new dash in a 1974

    I have a 1974 camaro and I do not care for the dash it has. Any ideas on something different?
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    Want very nice bumpers for 1974 Camaro

    I still what some very nice bumpers for a 1974 camaro. Front and rear.
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    WTB 79-81 Fuel Tank

    I need a good fuel tank for my 1981 firebird. Mine has a big dent in it and the gauge in the tank no longer works correctly. I know the camaro and firebirds by this time had the same tanks.
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    WTB: Sail Panels 1975+

    I need a nice set of sail panels for a big window 2nd gen car. Anyone have any they wish to place?

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