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    1980 1981 Z/28 Camaro flapper scoop

    not available any more Please delete
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    WTB ONLY 1980-81 Z/28 Hood Decal With Air Induction Call out WTB

    Like title says I ONLY NEED the scoop decals with air induction call out....... tri color Orange is color I need Red/Dark Orange/Light Orange is the Kit color MAYBE someone has a Spare PICTURE SHOWS STYLE ONLY NOT THE COLOR WANTED I WANT THE TRI COLOR ORANGE
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    Sale or Trade HORN BUTTON ONLY

    THE STEERING WHEEL NOT SALE just selling / swapping the Horn Button $40 shipped or if we swap you pay ship both ways. Thanks Guys/ Gals PREFER TO SWAP to match the steering wheel color if no Takers will just dye it but thought someone may need it before that happened, horn button is not...
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    ISO Of Steering wheel 4 spoke

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    SBC Alum Welded valve covers $100+ship

    SBC Alum Welded valve covers $100 w/shipping Going a different route now with Valve covers since I got a different manifold, going back to stock ones, These will be $100 with ship.... grommets will stay but the other wont the Orange style is what I am looking for but with out the Plug Wire...
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    Billet Wire looms

    $40 shipped I bought from a member here, They didn't fit my Valve Covers they will not work with Tall valve covers I really liked them But will Pass on to the next person
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    ISO these

    My friend is looking for a set of these 14" Trim rings and center caps, He has the wheels just needs the 14" trim rings and caps Any help ?? They are for the 14"polycast wheels and like mentioned has the wheels just needs the caps and trim rings, These Cam e on Camaro, Laguna And Monte Carlo
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    1973 Chevy Points Dist

    I am getting rid of all old parts that I don't need anymore since switched to HEI in good shape prob just needs a cap and new points ( still original ) I also have wires set up for points I will take $85.oo Shipped to your Door. This is a gently used 350 Chevy Distributor the numbers are as...
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    15x 8" Turbine wheels $300 plus ship ( prefer local pickup) Dakota, Illinois

    15x 8" Turbine wheels $300 plus ship ( prefer local pickup) Dakota, Illinois No tires caps, lugs ( I do have two tires 275/60 r15 available for extra $200) And Condition of this sale is The others are still available to me, If they get sold before these sell I will pull the ad down...
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    3pc rear spoiler $65

    $65 Dakota Illinois Will Ship at cost I was going to use this for a custom spoiler but going to pass onto a new Owner now....... All studs are present and in good shape no cracks Just needs painting I believe the corners are for after 1974 IIRC
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    Points style Taylor 8mm wires

    Like the title says there made for points but I have used them on both style Distributors ( points and HEI distributors ) I am only listing for they wont fit under the Cap for my after market HEI distributor and already purchased / received new ones With that said $45.oo OBO shipped to your...
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    Free Camaro Horn Button emblem

    This will be 100% free including shipping it does some spider webbing in the plastic but if you don't have one it will work fine
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    American Racing /SBC Valve Covers/Front Spoiler

    I got this from a friend and while posting pics on my site a member offered me one that fits the contours of my Chevelle front bumper better than this one does, this is made for a second gen Camaro and has openings for fog lights or be creative and run cold air tubes up to the air cleaner for...
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    1976 Camaro LT

    1976 Camaro LT SOLD Sold As Far As I Know If Not Will Relist It Later But To My Knowledge Its Sold
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    SBC Parts, not camaro related But SBC

    Been Awhile since posted and these are for SBC Located in Dakota Illinoisn will ship, Please leave zip to get quote These will be offered here, I am pulling the original Motor to save it. And buttoning up some leaks then putting it back to stock form ( well as much as I can ) being that...
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    MSD two step / Jacobs Ultra coil/ Garage stereo

    MSD Two Step Module = pending payment Jacobs Ultra Coil $25 + ship Garage Stereo............ Pending Payment
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    Rear end from an 78 Berlinetta (from a Buddy)

    Rear end 78 Berlinetta (from a Buddy) and more parts I am tryin to help a friend get rid of some camaro stuff he parted out he is losing his storage and has a rear end and some seats (rears I think he said) console X2 one black one maroon, some door panels in black But have seprated (glue) no...
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    Ladder bars for sale Byron Illinois

    I am not sure if these fit Camaro's or not I have included some pics but parts have got to go I will set price at $2oo OBO I know what I have in them and we can haggle from there, Pics will tell the story on length...... EDIT::AFTER Reviewing price on Jegs I am lowering to 200 OR BEST...
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    Z28 / Chevelle wheels Byron Illinois

    Z28 / Chevelle Wheels Will Ship Sale pending

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