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  1. MR. FBDY

    Merry Christmas, new holiday parts car, 79z 4speed.

    This just in, new inventory. I don't need anything from it, so it is all for sale to you guys. Believe it or not, but this was the rare green, code 44. There is still areas that you can tell, in door jambs, under hood, etc. Interior was dyed black, but a piss poor job, but it looks like...
  2. MR. FBDY

    Any BBC tunnel ram guys out there?

    I am debating putting a tunnel ram on top of my 502 BBC for show and a little go. Anyone have any suggestion or tips on what/how to do it to make life easy? Do you have to increase fuel pressure from 6psi to run dual 600's? I have the stock Holley 850 on it now and it runs fine with 6psi...
  3. MR. FBDY

    stock PS pump and rack to a manual Z box

    Hello, Has anyone took a stock power steering pump and rack box off their Camaro and replaced it with a manual Z28 box? I am done with leaking PS hoses and pumps and I have a manual Z box, so I was wondering, is this a straight forward swap or is there anything I need to know before I pull...
  4. MR. FBDY

    Some new victims to choose from, 77, 79Z, 2-81Z's

    This is just a quick list of what I seen to offer up right now. The 79 has good ground effects ($150 center, $150 L/R) fender vents ($100 PR), and hood scoop ($125). Good rear bumper strips, ($75). It has a nice dash pad ($375) and u-14 gauge cluster ($175). Also has a 3.42 posi, ($425)...
  5. MR. FBDY

    Optima battery vs. Normal battery?

    What is the general consensus of a Optima battery vs the normal battery? I have had optimas and haven't had good luck with them. As matter of fact, I have 4 redtops and a yellow top sitting in the corner of the garage that are dead from previous years. I am not sure if I should spend...
  6. MR. FBDY

    Upgrading to larger Air compressor, how is an Eaton?

    I want to get a 80 gallon air compressor so I can run a blast cabinet and start to paint parts and eventually cars in my own garage. Has anyone had experience with an Eaton compressor? I seen on garage journal some guys like them. Anyone have any recommendations to brand or type of...
  7. MR. FBDY

    2nd gen convertible top conversion for sale.

    I am not sure who may be interested in this because it is a unique conversion to the 2nd gen camaro/firebird, but here it goes..... I am going to be taking this off the car and selling it. I posted below the link to the Craigslist ad I have and it shows the car I am taking it off of...
  8. MR. FBDY

    B&M Quicksilver shifter, console mount, $175

    I have a nice used Quicksilver shifter for sale. This is the factory console mount so it has the correct top plate for the console. It was used a season or so before swapping out the trans for a manual setup. It ratchets up and down just fine and is in perfect working condition...
  9. MR. FBDY

    73-81 console fit Hurst Dual gate shifter, NOS, with instruction sheet - $400

    This is a real nice, new condition, Hurst Dual Gate shifter for the 1973-1981 Camaro/Firebird factory fit console. Hurst made these with a top plate that when installed, makes it look like it was a factory installed shifter. These are very hard to find in this kind of condition. I had it in...
  10. MR. FBDY

    Black Interior seats, front & back. Also have carpet, headliner, sails, kick panels

    This is a complete black interior from a Camaro. It could be used in a Firebird if you have the need. The seats came out of a 1971 and are the custom cloth/velour material with houndtooth fabric in the center. Seats are in good usable condition and the springs and buns are in nice condition...
  11. MR. FBDY

    Opinion on exhaust system for 1970 Camaro

    Hi All, I have a question about putting exhaust on my 70 camaro. 1. It came with the single muffler behind the gas tank, should I put the same type system back on it? 2. What type of systems is everyone running on their 2nd gens? Magnaflow, Borla, Dynamax, Flowmaster?
  12. MR. FBDY

    Adirondack Nationals - Sept 5-8, The Count will be there.

    Yes, you read it correctly. Danny, aka, "The Count" will be at our car show on Friday and Saturday. We plan to have an area where people can meet and greet him and sign autographs and such. He is also bring his side kick Kevin to help out with the crowds.
  13. MR. FBDY

    Power window motors and regulators, both sides.

    I have 2 cars in the yard, both have working power windows. I need to pull the glass for a project I am working on and I was wondering if anyone needs a set of working power window motors and regulators. Price them at: $100 each side, (motor & scissor regulator)
  14. MR. FBDY

    1970 seats, buckets and rear seats

    Not sure what is a good price for a whole set of seats from a 70 camaro. I have seen these up and down. Most recently I seen a ratty set of bucket seats bring $750. This set is rip free, all original seats. Buckets and rear seats are included. I am going to a custom setup, so I think I...
  15. MR. FBDY

    SBC 350 flywheel info

    Does anyone know good part numbers for a flywheel for a 350? Also where would you buy one? Swap meet or get new?
  16. MR. FBDY

    1970 camaro, painted in 21 days.

    Yes, you read it correctly. I drove the car to the shop on Jan 10, and on Jan 11, they started stripping the paint down to the bare metal. The car was just colored and cleared on Jan 31, sand and buffed on Feb 1. She comes home tomorrow. Enjoy the pictures.
  17. MR. FBDY

    Dual Exhaust on a 70 question??

    Car came originally with a dual into a single muffler, but looking to change it to true dual with 2 mufflers. Is there any advantage to making the change to true dual from the one single behind the tank? I was thinking it should be a 2 1/2 system. I hear Pypes make good fitting stuff...
  18. MR. FBDY

    Got a Kimber .45 for my birthday

    Hey guys, I had a choice to get any pistol I wanted for my birthday from the wife and I chose a Kimber stainless .45. I never owned a Kimber, so the brand is new to me, but the counter guy said it is what everyone works their way up to own. what do you guys think?
  19. MR. FBDY

    1979 lower grille: $75, U-14 Z28 gauge cluster: $200

    Lower grille: $75 plus shipping. U-14 gauges: $200
  20. MR. FBDY

    Picked up a 70 barn find. It should clean and buff out right?

    Complete car, engine, trans, full interior and dash. Nice huh?

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