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    Want imput! LS3 Big Block bbc Chevy block casting # 3969854 date E4 71 2 bolt mark

    Ok guys I am about to go and but this- I am not sure if it is worth it. I want a big block and when I looked up the casting number he posted it matched a 402 Big Block. Now I have been wanting a big block to build. But I don't want to...
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    i found a stock chevy 400 small block. should i buy?

    so I have been looking for a better engine to replace my 350. especially since the last guys who built it never gave me the specs...:mad: :mad: But anyways I have found a Chevy small block (stock) and I want to rebuild it on my own. Now I want to know if this is a good investment. I want more...
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    Need help! 5-Leaf Springs, Along with kit.

    hey guys I need help finding these- 1) 2) I am looking to replace my springs and bushings. I live in San...
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    looking for 15x10 inch rally rims!!!

    just looking for rally rims for my rear end. I am looking to put that dragster look on my car. Any suggestions and can I see what you guys have done. Also where you got them if you want to tell. :p :p
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    looking for exhaust pipes! can't find

    hey there, I am looking for 2 pipes for my exhaust. that's it. period. I have the muffler and headers. now I cannot find anywhere that just sells the pipes from the headers to the muffler. I need the in between. anyone know where I can find for a good price. Also what else to I need to do to...
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    need to identify rear end

    hey guys I want to find out the gears and everything I can about my rear end. now on the passengers side in the front I found the code C 0506Cl on the axel. now on the back side of the car near the cover I found numbers exactly like this but upside down. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 above that...
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    How to convert to a posi

    Hey, everyone can you give me some much need help??? well I have my 1970 Camaro stock rear end. I want to convert the limited slip end to a posi. Has anyone done this? where did you get the gears, ect. Summit? or what?? I want to do this next week and also I need new leaf spring bushings. I...
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    weird steering wheel noise

    hey now i have this weird nois comming from my steering wheel when i get up to speed. and it only stops when the car isnt in motion. now i have changed the rims and gone from 14's to 15's. Could that be the problem? the noise is kind of like a constant grinding noise like an...
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    Door hangs low

    Hey guys, my driver side door hangs low. Now it sags when I open the door and doesn't close properly unless I lift it. now I think its the bottom hinge. Does anyone have a video of how they did it or what I might need to get in order to fix this? Thanks
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    Been a while.

    Well everyone i just got back on the site. After my engine rebuild and new Holley 600 Carb, my car is running better and has better pick up. No more bogging out and stalling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) :) :) The engine was repainted chevy orange and i had repainted the hood flat black to cover...
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    power steering vs no power steeing. What would you do?

    Need Help With Decision Asap!!! Ok so my rebuilt 350 small block that needs to be rebuilt again.... So it only has a high performance cam. It will cost 3500 without labor. So option one is that i wait another week and get the old engine back rebuilt a second time. Option 2 is that i buy a...
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    Need performance question answered. PLEASE

    Hell there, Now i recently had a rod go on my engine. It needs to be rebuild and i was teased with a high performance engine that i can no longer have. So im upset and would like to have my 5.7L 350 Chevy Small Block engine. I want some high performace parts to add to my engine. Now i know...
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    Hello there. Now my engine just started makiing this banging noise. Now its only when i press on the gas while in park and any other time. its a ratteling noise. I couldn't pin point the location but it might underneath the valve covers on the drivers side. Or maybe the front of the enging. But...
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    Picking spark plugs and wires.

    Hey im just putting this out there seeing what good plugs and wires are for the price. Ive seen some on auto zone but i want to get wires for less then $70. Or that price but i want to know some good plugs too?? And something i dont have to order. Thanks guys.
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    Need help with Installing a RADIO

    I am installing a new radio. Now i took out my old one and it has 3 wires that would connect to the back. Now There is a yellow (positive/power for radio), Black (Negative or ground), and then grey( NO idea????) Now my new radio is a Sony GT56UIW. On a side note i connected it and no display...
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    Any Camaro Videos??

    I am looking for some videos on how to work on my camaro. Anything that is specific for tune ups or things that would be good to know. Thanks
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    Where to get the best parts?

    Hey there everyone, I am looking for good solid parts for my 70 camaro. Now i just want to know where the good places are to buy parts and where to stay away from. Also best brands to go with and those to not. All in all i just want to restore my car and make sure that the parts will last for a...
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    Cali Members?

    Hey i just want to see who is here in Cali, and if anyone is close to S.F. Maybe check out what you guys got and get some advice. And maybe meet up someday???
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    Why wont car start??

    Ok so when i get in my camaro every morning i pump the gas 2 times. Then turn the key, and it turns over good but doesnt start up. It takes another 4 or 5 seconds to start up. My auto mechanic said to try and pump it 3 times. So maybe?? But when the enging is warm is starts up no prob. What...
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    My Camaro PICS!!!!!!

    Now i know she doesn't look that nice on the outside. But she runs and sounds amazing. It needs a paint job (comming soon) And the rust spot that you see is going to be fixed this friday. I have the part and it will be patched up. So i'm excited!!!!!! heres the rust spot =( engine...

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