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  1. Toomanyhobbys

    Calling Jteenstra

    Good deal we can get together next week for the transfer. The truck is a new one, that I am building in OR. Still have the green one, but it is going thru a major interior gut and a rebuild. Why not save some money and paint the car with a roller, I think a two tone would look good! possibly...
  2. Toomanyhobbys

    BBQ between Phx and Tuc

    Not sure but I might go, have way too many irons in the fire right now. Just don't laugh at me if I show up in my lifted 88 Toyota PU, with a SBC in her. Or my Harley ????
  3. Toomanyhobbys

    cable exhaust cutouts

    NO NO and Hell NO. I put them on my Camaro. I hated them, They would open up on one bank and make the car sound like crap. No NO NO NO NO don't waste the money.
  4. Toomanyhobbys

    Want to put TUBE doors on camaro

    It can be done, add enough beer and anything is possible. I am sure the owner of this gem would wish the pic would just go away... Mark ???
  5. Toomanyhobbys

    I don't know how to put this but...

    Dave, after some thinking you are right, I was sounding off. Yes there dumbasses who ride bikes. The accident was tragic. The key is to ride defensivley. As far as "bullying bikes" It has happened to the group I ride with. Not a bunch of bad asses more like the "Wild Hogs" LOL.
  6. Toomanyhobbys

    I don't know how to put this but...

    Dave, after riding for the last 2 years I see clearly where the attitude from bikers come from. Yes it was an accident and not an attack on bikers. My wife was ran off the road last year and scared the s*** out of her. Guy passed her on a hill, in a curve double yellow and came within inches...
  7. Toomanyhobbys

    I don't know how to put this but...

    I am pissed, no wonder people who ride bikes have an attitude, this kind of crap just leaves me speechless, and in my own town as well. I am have tempted to put a large flouresent FU patch on the back of my leather jacket...
  8. Toomanyhobbys

    Good Guys Show?

    Way too many 32 Fords...
  9. Toomanyhobbys

    Pump to Carb Fuel Lines - Finished...

    Trust me !!! it's plumbed all wrong
  10. Toomanyhobbys

    Need some work in Albuquerque

    DAMN DAVE What did you do to piss of your dogs? They look like they are constipated or somethin dude!!!!
  11. Toomanyhobbys

    anyone else with "special needs" kids?

    Yes I have one... born at 1lb 11oz... He is 27 now and doing really well. Lives on his own, and it really pisses my ass off about retard jokes.
  12. Toomanyhobbys

    shipping large parts by ups

    Chuck Just make sure the peanuts are the edible kind .. LOL BofA does not issue MO's so I sent you a cashiers check today.. Thanks again.. sorry to be a PITA
  13. Toomanyhobbys

    Opinions on AMT 45 ACP

    Thanks all for the replies. I had the Ruger.. I hated it, trigger pull from here to Texas.. makes for crap accuracy... Guess I will go for my favorite 45 ACP.. The CZ 97B
  14. Toomanyhobbys

    WTT clutch pedal assy for flat hood

    Geez Jim.. what happen to you, LOL..any chance you have a GOOD front clip on a 2nd gen camaro ? No fenders etc looking to swap in IFS on a pickup.
  15. Toomanyhobbys

    old school idea yes/no .....

    NO, it's not old school, find a can of the spray tint, the kind that ran ..and after you do that send me that tunnel ram.. I had ther perfect use for that on the gasser I am building.
  16. Toomanyhobbys

    Opinions on AMT 45 ACP

    Buddy showed me his AMT 45. Nice small carry weapon. Dependable? Want something small to CCW but potent.
  17. Toomanyhobbys

    Remind me again, why can't I get a job? Part 1

    Aceshigh We have had our disagreements in the past, but this has to be one of the best from you yet.. + 1 billion on your statement. (meant that in a good way)
  18. Toomanyhobbys

    WTT clutch pedal assy for flat hood

    No Jim say it aint so!!! a blower now??? what are you doing, getting old?
  19. Toomanyhobbys

    looks like the el nino event is going to get worse

    Bring it on... Weather here in AZ has been great, sure has made the fishing tough, but next year woot woot. We have had rain in the forecast twice a week now.
  20. Toomanyhobbys

    Lady Gaga

    Ditto.. Pink's latest CD is one of my favorites, she does a lot of other bands music and very well IMO.

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