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    Got a trans is it a long first gear or short

    I don’t know what condition it’s in but for 100.00 I figured I would grab it but I have a Muncie m20 in my 1965 el Camino already with a 305 and 671 supercharger I also have a 302 Chevy engine rebuilt with edelbrock victor manifold and 750 holly. I would like to put the blower on that engine but...
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    Got a trans is it a long first gear or short

    Looking to buy a trans number is 3952646 is this cast iron transmission a good one or poo? I always liked the Muncie m20 because you always get the hole shot on everyone at a stop light. Guy wants 100.00 no shifter or bell housing
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    1981 Z28 81K miles

    That’s a horrible speedo gauge 85 mph max for a z28 ? I don’t get it why Chevy did that
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    1973 triple option

    To expensive without original wheels good luck Jackson Barrett price here I would change the burralwood dash.
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    Gm Pink rods and TRW pistons

    Just a dumb question but what is a pink rod?
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    1967 302 engine.060 3892657 engine

    Good rotating assembly was pulled out of running car, no heads, has gear drive in it don’t have information on specs on it unfortunately. just what you see in the pics can still see cross hatch markings comes with Victor manifold and rebuilt holly 750 stock exhaust don’t think they came off that...

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