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    downpipes for stock manifolds

    That kit does not look like what I remember small block chevy manifold / head pipes looking like. mrhand's picture is what I remember, one @ 90 degrees, the other at about 45 degrees. I've welded some stainless to plain steel with a mig welder (L56 wire) with the incorrect C02/Argon.. it was...
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    drivers rear corner

    Before you do anything, can you make a poster board template of the passenger side that goes from the bumper mounting holes all the way to the side marker light? It looks like that whole are might still be pushed in quite a bit. If so, you'll probably need a porta power or bottle jack to...
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    Tamaraz's Parts

    Well that's a different story. May need to get your credit card company involved if they won't send you the refund.
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    Inner Fender Wells Needed For Autocross Car?

    You would be asking for a big fire if there is any insulation near the weld, However, looking at the pics supplied, It looks like most of the welding will be in upper cowl where there is primer and maybe some sealant. If you are going to weld it, you just need to make sure that anything...
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    Tamaraz's Parts

    That problem isn't limited to Tamraz... there are problems getting parts from just about anywhere, and parts suppliers seem to mostly be in the dark until parts show up. If you're hot for some particular part, start calling around to see if someone else has what you need and order it from...
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    I disagree. Plenty of bodymen or amateur restorers do fine jobs on different cars their first time around a different model. Lots of guys don't even want to do the same model twice. Poor fitment on a finished paint job is because they didn't assemble the car and check that everything is...
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    Puzzling oil leak - new engine

    Save yourself some time guessing where the oil leak might be coming from. You don't need dye or a smoke machine. You'll have it figured out in very short order if you follow this process. A little air pressure and soapy water solution will pin point it quickly...
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    Easy Fuel Pump Controller

    I just ordered one for one of my other cars that has an inertia switch as well as the oil pressure switch. The engine age is not known and doesn't build oil pressure quickly during cranking if it's been sittiing for a while. I'm not too crazy about having a mechanical switch for priming under...
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    Roof Repair - Opinions/Options

    It looks like you have new paint - sorry to see this. I think you would be miles ahead replacing the skin as body working a skin is minimal. With the double layers, I think it would be a lot harder to work that panel back into shape. When my son bought his 71, we thought the roof was...
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    Makita, Dewalt or Milwaukee

    I got a cordless Milwaukee sawzall a few years ago and have since added two 1/2 impacts and ratchets, 4-1/2" wired grinders. All seem to be great quality. Milwaukee is certainly more expensive, so only buy their stuff when I want the durability and power. I'm not so much a fan of Dewalt...
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    Anyone ever added front disc to a stock drum car ?

    Take a look at this kit for what you need... chances are by the time you piece it all together, you'll probably be close to what they sell this kit for. It's practically like oem.
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    24k BTU window unit as a wall mount

    I was given a real old 10K unit about 20 years ago for a casement window. I didn't want it, but Uncle had carried it up the driveway and I didn't have the heart to say no thanks. I ended up refitting it to my oddball garage window (single pane tilt out) and no insulation in the 12 x 25...
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    RS Header Panel Graft 70-73

    Its been a while since I looked close at it, but booger welds and rust seemed to be the main reasons. I can try to get some pics of it over the weekend. It would seem to me that it shouldn't be difficult to fab one up from two good header panels if the contours match up. Just thinking out...
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    Battery drain

    On my '65 El Camino, pulled my hair out for a day or so trying to figure out what circuit the drain was on. Pulled a fuse, drain stopped. Couldn't figure out what was wrong with that circuit so plugged the fuse back in, then went to the next few fuses, then it happened again, pulled a...
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    RS Header Panel Graft 70-73

    For the time being, we're holding on to them. The upper header was done poorly and not worth risking future problems. It would have been nice to just swap in a new upper, but the grill openings are different so just went with all RS pieces. Pretty much decided to use these pieces for...
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    unbolting lower control arms

    I would never remove lower control arm bolts with the coil spring installed. It's been a while since I removed the engine mount pedestals, but thought I was able to do so without removing the lower control arm. It was tricky snaking a wrench into the cross member to hold the nut, but got it...
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    RS Header Panel Graft 70-73

    My son bought his in 2016 with the same treatment and decided to replace with a correct RS nose.
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    Bent Upper Control Arm?

    Did you by chance check to see what your caster was set to before removing the shims? I'm curious if it is related to a poor front end wheel alignment, oversize tires, wrong wheel offset or some combination of those. If the front shim on the driver side upper was much thicker than the rear...
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    Dam E Brake Cable

    If I remember right, that cable is pretty stiff. Looking at your picture, it looks like the slotted portion is catching the mount. It also looks like it is being forced upwards. I could see where trying to tug it out might force it upwards if that cable is so stiff and spring loaded such...
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    Center bolt valve cover adapters

    Got an ATK engine back in 2013 that was advertised as having Vortec heads... In reality, it shipped it with previous generation chevy 350 heads (Dart replacements), but they removed the 4 bolt valve cover bosses and drilled for vortec style intake manifold. I wanted to keep the 4 bolt valve...

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