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  1. J

    1970 SS Camaro

    71 was the first year they used the Z27 on the cowl tag for the SS option. so a 70 SS 350 wont have anything on the cowl tag the SS396 will have either L78 or L34
  2. J

    72/73 OER grille

    the grille is a little bigger than the opening you have to take the outer trim off to even get it close to fitting
  3. J

    72/73 OER grille

    I bought a new OER grille for my 72 Z28 standard front end. Just wondered if anybody else has had issues with these OER grilles this one doesnt fit at all. If theres issues with these grilles who makes one that actually fits. Thanks for any help
  4. J

    Z27 production

    The Z27 stamp didnt officially start till 71 and it is been said that a few very late built 70s SS350 cars got the Z27 stamp. Thats why 70 SS350 cars are hard to verify
  5. J

    Cowl tag 72 z28

    That stripe code was first used in 72 YF8 is black stripes and ZR8 is white stripes. 73s use the same codes
  6. J

    Help decode cowl tag pls

    from what ive heard before the Z in front of the interior color code meant it wasnt a preferred interior color for the exterior color of the car. But if this was true it doesnt make since on yours since black could go with any exterior color. unless it was just a mess up on the line and yours...
  7. J

    1970 Z/28 Optional Steering Wheel

    There wasnt a optional wheel in 70 only one style that year
  8. J

    1973 rs/ss z28, 350/375hp.!!

    First there was no SS in 73.. 72 was the last year for the LT-1engine. All 73 Z28s came with the L82 engine. That was the top engine in 73. 1970 was the last year for the 12 bolt rear end. someone has changed stuff on your car it definitely isnt factory
  9. J

    1971 Trim Tag

    Yes DX3 is stripe delete I had a 72 Z28 that had the DX3 code it didnt have stripes
  10. J

    Wheels on Camaro SS

    You may want to check out a camaro site that focuses on the newer camaros this site is for the 2nd gen cars
  11. J

    Anybody recognize this color and the year it was offered?

    what code does your cowl tag say
  12. J

    Z-28 Stripes

    The tall COPO spoiler was only a COPO option in 70. In the beginning of 71 both spoilers was available by the end of 71 the short spoiler was no longer
  13. J

    NOS Z28 grille?

    It should come molded in black not painted black. Had the box been open?
  14. J

    Quick Question 70 RS/Z28 California car

    I seen a copper 70 RS Z on ebay a few days ago it has tan interior is this the car? If so it does Have Z28 on the cowl tag under the hood. IT also has the 8grand tach which is a Z28 thing also has the Z28 rear bumper guards.
  15. J

    Black paint below rocker Trim on 73 Type LTs

    Its deff Weird ive also read before they was painted black below the trim. The cars I seen That i listed above was just regular TYPE LTs. I have seen Z28 TYPE LTs with the black rocker panel both the ones I had was original paint one owner cars before I got them The silver one had the black the...
  16. J

    Black paint below rocker Trim on 73 Type LTs

    On the 73 Type LTs they have the thin rocker trim molding my question is why did some have the bottom painted black below the trim and some didnt? Ive seen 2 yellow original paint 73 Type LTs one was painted black below it and one wasnt and both original paint. I Also seen 2 original paint blues...
  17. J

    '70 -73 Replacement for Rear Bumper w/Guards?

    You will have to drill the holes in the bumper to add your bumper guards to it. Nobody makes a bumper with the holes all ready in it for them since the bumper guards was a option on camaros and standard on 70-72 Z28s
  18. J

    72 rs has strange options and a question

    The woodgrain is correct for your car. That steering wheels is a option. The chin spoiler and rear spoiler would of been added by someone. Short spoiler was a 70 71 Z28 item
  19. J

    70 Z28 Spoiler & Fender Emblems

    70 and 71 tall 3 piece rear spoiler was a actual emblem. 72 and 73 used to foil decal
  20. J

    Differance between the lower nose of a RS and a Standard front end?

    the standard front nose has the parking lights in it the RS is the split bumper front nose the parking lights are beside the headlight.

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