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  1. lightly-modded

    75 Bumblebee LT4 Gen V swap

    I've got a spare set of oer brackets if you want them.
  2. lightly-modded

    75 Bumblebee LT4 Gen V swap

    Personally I would position the axle based on how the wheel fills up the wheel well. Find the position you like the look of the best, make sure its square, and go from there. The suspension has more than enough adjustment, so it will work properly, and since you are going with a different...
  3. lightly-modded

    75 Bumblebee LT4 Gen V swap

    Did you go poly or spherical bushing for the torque arm's front mount?
  4. lightly-modded

    Seats installed not your Second Gen

    These are corbeau sportline rrs seats. Sadly I don't have a very good picture of them mocked up in the car. I had to modify the brackets in the back to lower them a little over an inch, and modify the floor pan to clear the bolts for the sliders. Now I can just barely fit a helmet on in the car...
  5. lightly-modded

    Torque Arm

    Millerbuilt $1598 W/O axles. Kore 3 $2048 WITH gun drilled 35 spline axles. $450 for a set of axles isn't a great deal, but it isn't horrible. I would rather get everything together as a kit, so if there is an issue I'm only dealing with one company over one product.
  6. lightly-modded

    Torque Arm

    For what its worth, I'm planning on using the kore 3 floater kit, since I am using a c6 brake setup and already have c7 hubs out front. Bolts on to a ford 9" with big ford/torino ends.
  7. lightly-modded

    Torque Arm

    I would definitely have that rep do the ordering for you then, because when I ordered mine (70-73 version though) it was NOT included. As far as people loving their setups, the only thing I have ever heard complaints about that they sell are their varishocks (leaking/failing/etc, often after...
  8. lightly-modded

    Torque Arm

    I am working on installing the Chassisworks setup in my car (full ground-up build, going to be years before its on the road). Don't forget you also need their subframe connectors/g-connector support system as well, not included in the price of the rear suspension setup. My reasons for going with...
  9. lightly-modded

    Chassis Works Sub Frame Connectors for my 78 LS swap project

    I have their torque arm setup, and plan on running a 3" exhaust. I have only done a quick mock up so far, but the exhaust is going to have to be completely custom made to fit.
  10. lightly-modded

    Anyone replaced the crash beans inside the door with tubing

    Custom order from ultra-carbon. They sell full doors but sold me just the inner structure. Well made, very helpful and easy people to work with.
  11. lightly-modded

    Anyone replaced the crash beans inside the door with tubing

    I will be using 1.5" .250 wall dom to build mine, tying into the hinge mounts and latch mount. BUT, I'm also starting from scratch. Doors are carbon fiber inner structure with sheet metal skins. Also, I have dual door bars low off of the roll bar (mimicking tiger cage style) which attach to bars...
  12. lightly-modded

    Package Tray pictures 74-77

    This is a 78, but looks the same. One of the few solid pieces when I got the car. Covered in gunk, but solid.
  13. lightly-modded

    Best repo sheetmetal

    I used an OER complete floor pan. Needed very minor work along the flanges to the rockers on either side, but the torque boxes were attached unevenly. Installed there would have been a 3/8" difference in the distance to the ground (while on jack stands, everything else measured equally). Not...
  14. lightly-modded

    About to pull the car apart

    Just my thoughts, because I know I couldn't leave a car in bare metal for any length of time where I am, but I would go bare metal - epoxy - metal work/repair - re-epoxy as needed. As far as the actual painting steps, there are much better people here to answer/comment on that than me
  15. lightly-modded

    How to get back on track...

    I had to replace basically everything on my car, complete rockers both sides, complete floor with bracing, trunk pan with rear frame rails, mini tubs, outer wheel wells, trunk drop offs, tail panel and inner structure, working on quarters, cowl panel, and still have the roof with a-pillars to...
  16. lightly-modded

    How to get back on track...

    I forgot about this thread... here's a pic of the filler panel I was talking about. As I said, not much to look at, and my first time bead rolling (in a place that will never be seen) but it gives you the idea of what I did.
  17. lightly-modded

    First project car 72 Z

    Classic industries has the toe panels. Left and right Or one piece...
  18. lightly-modded

    Blown head gasket

    Personally, your 90% of the way there on the opposite side, why not? Peace of mind. My luck is never good enough to get away with just doing one like that. I'd be doing it again a month later lol. When I tear into my engines, I check and/or replace everything in the area.
  19. lightly-modded

    CF/Fiberglass Hood Rention

    I am a fan of aerocatch. I have used them on multiple other builds, and will be using them on my camaro when I get to that point. I am just personally not a fan of the more classic pin through the hood style unless it is a pure race car. Added benefit is aerocatch has a locking design, if you...
  20. lightly-modded

    Who's Using ANVIL AUTO parts?

    Anvil Auto Hood Looks like you already posted in this thread too, so you probably already saw these pictures, but there are pics of a CF hood later on in the thread as well