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  1. Green70Z28

    World’s quietest Sniper rifle

    Nice piece. $5,000 without the optics- yikes! That's more than I paid for my 69 Z/28 (in 1981)...
  2. Green70Z28

    FL Sheriff wants you to shoot a B&E burglar

    Laws vary from jurisdiction. For example, France is charging a homeowner with murder for shooting an intruder and the French president said he is opposed to self-defense because it would turn France's society into the wild west.This is contrary to classic thought that the right to self defense...
  3. Green70Z28

    FL Sheriff wants you to shoot a B&E burglar

    I came out of law school with only two pieces of practical information. One was from my criminal law professor. He told us the law permits a person to use force, up to and including deadly force, when faced with the threat of imminent bodily harm or death. If we answer that way on the exam it...
  4. Green70Z28

    Nice FedEx

    I sent my 71 Trans Am's rear bumper to be re-chromed. When it was delivered to my front door by UPS I noticed a distinct V shape in the wrapped package. During shipping my newly re-chromed bumper was severely bent. I called UPS and was told it wasn't their problem, it wasn't packaged correctly...
  5. Green70Z28

    Need to rant

    RoadDawg- it sucks that the financial burden falls on you and your wife. But you and your wife are doing what is right and you both can take comfort in that. Your caring says a lot more about you and your wife than the what the selfishness and callousness of the others says about them. Speaking...
  6. Green70Z28

    Vintage Pics from Instagram Californiaspeedshop

    Love those old photos. They bring back lots of memories and I laughed at some of them because I could have been in them. Here is my 73 that I finished a couple of years ago. It is a copy, at least as it existed in my memory, of my neighbor's 70 Z28 complete with L-88 hood, cragars, 4 speed and...
  7. Green70Z28

    302 vs 350

    117 mph
  8. Green70Z28

    302 vs 350

    The 302 was a great engine. Dave Strickler won SS/F in Super Stock World Championship in 1968 in a 68 Z28. The rules back then were the motor had to be stock but with headers. Of course Grumpy Jenkins built the motor so it was balanced and blue printed and tuned to perfection. With 9 inch slicks...
  9. Green70Z28

    302 vs 350

    Where did you read that article? I have a stock 69 Z28 with the original motor, M20 and 3:73 rear. My 70 Z28 is stock LT-1 , M21 and 3:73. My 70 pulls out stronger and feels faster than my 69. In order to get the 302 to pull headers and 4:10 gear are a must. The 302 was not built with drag...
  10. Green70Z28

    The Three Stooges Road Trip

    What? No Steppenwolf? I'll give you points for the Animals.
  11. Green70Z28

    The 1973 RS Camaro didn't have a endura nose or round parking lights......

    Unfortunately, this kind of misinformation is passed on as "fact". I understand why since Magnante is on several TV shows, an auction commentator and writer for several car magazines, he is an "authority". This clip shows he is not an authority on everything automotive, particularly early...
  12. Green70Z28

    Front fender purchase

    What year are you looking for? I believe only AMD repops the 70 driver side fender with the area to mount the washer bottle.
  13. Green70Z28

    New Member with 70 Z28 RS

    Nice pick up. Even if its not a Z/28, I'm willing to bet you have the only 70 Daytona Yellow 70 Camaro in New Zealand.
  14. Green70Z28

    Action Movie - Equalizer 1 and 2

    I loved the movies and the original series. The new series? Not interested. Great Denzel Washington scene I mix up with the Equalizer movies is in Man on Fire:
  15. Green70Z28

    Getting to old for this ....

    I live in Tennessee too. I don't bother shoveling my driveway because the county doesn't treat or plow the roads around my area. These types of snowfalls are infrequent enough that budgeting for treating or plowing all roads doesn't make sense so they only do the main roads. I can get to the...
  16. Green70Z28

    Timing cover seal leak

    Get some dye and a black light and confirm where your leak is coming from. The dye and light are fairly cheap. I had a leak on my 69 302. I replaced the seals and timing covers multiple times. No luck. I took it to three different shops. No luck. I finally added dye and used the black light and...
  17. Green70Z28

    SNOW…. So much for the forecast!

    Glad to see you made it through.
  18. Green70Z28

    1971 Z28 Survivor - 7.9k original miles

    That price seems pretty high to me. But as the owner of a 70 Z/28 I don't mind seeing sale prices like that.
  19. Green70Z28 site

    I love the site. I have it bookmarked and refer to it when I'm working on my 70 Z/28 frequently.

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