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    Best brake pad choice?

    What's the best choice compound Hawk brand for a street driven z28 with drilled and slotted rotors all the way around and the blazer rear disc conversion? I will be doing some hard braking sometimes playing around on curvey back roads. There is just too many compounds for me to know which is...
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    '81 clutch pedal issue

    I just finished converting my '81z to a 4 speed using all factory parts. The pedal set I bought came from a '77 I was told. The issue I am having is that the clutch is scrubbing the side of the fuse block. It was late last night when I tested it so I haven't had a chance to look it over. My...
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    Correct 4sp Handle Deminsions '81 z28

    Thanks to alot of members here I was able to collect enough parts to do a 4sp conversion on my 81z. It will be a console setup. I already have a Hurst Comp shifter, but the handle is str8 up and only about 8" tall. What I'm wondering is what part# Hurst shifter handle best matches the deminsions...
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    WTB 4sp Console

    I am doing a 4sp conversion and I need a decent "driver" quality console. Let me know if you have one, no matter what condition. Thanks!!!
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    ZF 6 Speed Swap

    I have a chance to score a ZF 6sp from a '92 LT1 Corvette for a steal of price. I have done searchs for 3 days and I still can't seem to find what/where to get the rest of the parts I need for the swap into my '81z28. Everything I've read seemed to quickly move from ZF to the T56 trans. does...
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    2nd Chance For The '81z

    I bought my '81z back about 4 years ago. The previous owner had a blowout on the drivers rear and it killed the quarter. I payed $1750 for it and drove her home from Nashville, about a 120mi trip. I bought a new panel from NPD and along with doing alot of small repairs finally got paint on it...
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    '81z28 Brake Fluid - Synthetic Ok?

    I am installing a new brake booster and pads on all 4 corners of my Z. I want to completely bleed all new fluid into the entire system because the existing fluid is VERY old ( possibly original :eek: ). Is it ok to replace the fluid with something like Prestone Synthetic, or is it better to use...
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    Paint Code 75

    I have a '81 Z28 with the original paint still on it. It is a Van Nuys built car, so it has the water base paint. The trim code on it is 75 which is correct. I want to go back with a base / clear paint so does anyone know what the name of the color red that I need to be as close to the correct...
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    '81 Control arm Q's

    I've been buying up parts for my front suspension and ran into a problem. Does anyone know the Moog part # for the upper bushings on an '81? I can get all of em besides the upper rears locally for some odd reason. I heard that Moog had a front and rear upper kit that works but Car Quest, Napa...
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    '80-'81 UCA Difference?

    Does anyone know what the diff is on the upper control arms on the '80-'81? I have an extra set of '79 upper and lowers that I've rebuilt already, would those work on my '81?
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    '81 Correct Dash Color

    I'm installing a new dash cap in an '81 Berlinetta and was wondering if there's any rattle can paint that'll match the dark brown color used on the dash / console in the Beige color interiors. Thanks for your help with getting me closer to being ready for G12!
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    '81 Berlinetta Q's

    I bought an '81 Berlinetta, it has a chrome strip running across the bottom of the doors and fenders between the tires. On that strip it has " Special Edition " written in satin silver. Has anyone seen one with this trim?
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    Southeast Camaroz Alabama Chapter

    New Chapter started up on 3-25-07, based out of Huntsville,Alabama. Come out to the 1st meeting and be a part of the club. For more info go to the site, under " Alabama Chapter". Expecting a good turnout of Alabama style Camaros. Southern middle Tennessee Camaro owners welcome to come down and...

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