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  1. billvh

    Speaking of 502's

    Price drop! Until I saw the thread below on 454 and 502 I hadn't considered posting this here. So, that said: Got this Chevrolet Performance 502HO crate motor new from Chevrolet, for a project (my 73 Camaro) but went in a different direction (LS7). Took off the factory 4bbl manifold for the...
  2. billvh

    WTB 70-78 RH lower half door jamb

    Really need doorjamb/pillar sheet metal for 73 RH side. Been looking for a month or so now and no luck. Anyone have a damaged replacement RH quarter panel with the door jamb that they could sell me? I need from in front of the wheel opening and just below the latch pin. Here's a pic of where...

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