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    73RS Z28 Temp Gauge

    Hello, sure this has been asked previously. I am in Australia, looking for a good number for a temp sender that will make my gauge read accurately. I have tried a couple from local auto shop, but gauge reads hot, moves does all the right things. I check the water temp with the IR gun, i can find...
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    Rear Suspension spring saddles

    What will happen if you don't use the rubber flats (saddle mountings) between the springs and the axle housing. Does this create noise, or issues.
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    Understanding rear light wiring

    73Z28, I am having trouble understanding the rear light wiring. Outer lights(Brake/Tail/Indicator) Inner (back up) How does the wiring work, 18 BRN is Tail light, 16 DK Green and 16 YEL would be indicators, how does system make brake lights work as the only other wire s 18 BLK -150 Earth, am i...
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    Drop Spindles

    I am sure this will be posted somewhere on this site, but i am trying to get measurements to check what spindles i have fitted to my car. Car was purchased ex Texas and then imported to Australia. Is there a chart/measurement listing for checking spindles.
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    73 factory ratchet shifter parts

    Hello, i am doing some work on my shifter, and i am positive something is missing for the ratchet mechanism, does anybody have any parts pictures for the genuine ratchet shifter.
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    Original Master Cylinder

    Hello, this has probably been asked plenty of times previous. What is the Master Cylinder Bore size for my Factory 73 Z28, Disc front/Drum rear. I am converting to Disc Disc, (D52)Wilwood, and looking at general info.
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    73 Staggered rear shocks

    All, can you tell me the reason behind staggered rear lower shock mounts. Should i leave them like this, is there a mod to make them both the same?
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    73z28 A/c

    Hope i'm on the right page. Can someone give me the correct gas quantity for R134A, original system with Sanden 508 compressor.
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    73 Z28 Front Seats

    Hello, could anyone supply a picture of standard 73 Z28 front seats, are these different to 71/72 seats. Any info appreciated.
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    73 Auto Shift Button

    I have a new shift knob and button, i thought this would come with the clip to hold in the centre button. What does this clip look like, missing on my current also. Can anybody give a supplier name and the part number, possibly a picture. Much appreciated. I have located a supplier here in...

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