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    Edelbrock 750 For sale

    Hi Everyone, I have an Edelbrock 750 carb for sale. I believe it is a part number 1411, but I will confirm. This carb also comes with the tuning kit that includes several jets, needles, and springs to adjust the carb to your liking. I had this carb on my 355 for 5 years and never had...
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    Finally got color on my car!

    Well after 2.5 years of hard work learning and doing the body work myself, I finally got color on my car this year! I have lots of work left to do including painting the new hood and the trim but I have the doors and shel done in time for winter. For a newbie, I am very happy with the...
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    Just ordered my new shortblock! Think my et goal is attainable?

    Hey Everyone! Well I'm glad to say that after two years of research and saving I was finally able to order my new shortblock yesterday! Its a 434 sbc (from Schmidt racing- Great customer service so far!) -Dart Lil M -Around 10.5 CR -Hydraulic Roller (cam specs not know yet as the...
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    What will it run 427 sbc

    Hi guys, Sorry I know this is a loaded question, but sometimes it helps to talk it out with some experts! I am currently doing the body work on the car but in the summer I plan to start putting the new motor in the car. My car will be a street/strip car and my goals are to run between...
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    Rear Disc Conversion and C Clip Elims?

    Good Morning! I am interested in the 11" rear disc conversion kit. I have a 10 bolt with Strange C-Clip Elminators. Will this kit work with the C clip eliminators? I have seen other brands say that they would not, and I want to make sure this will work with the C clip elims before I make...
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    Compilation video and pics from the track

    Heres a short video of some pics and some of my runs from Milan dragway in June. Enjoy!
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    My 1st dyno pull

    Heres a video of my first pull on the dyno with my car... 284hp and 310 ft/lbs
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    video clip with full exhaust and cutouts.

    Heres a short video of my car running through full exhaust and then with the cutouts open....
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    New tires on car

    Couldnt find my older post with the tire pics b4 I put them on the car so I started a new one.....let me know what you think!
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    Got my new tires today...

    Got my new tires today and mounted them on the to get longer wheel studs and get them on the car! The rears are 275/50 on an 8 inch rim The fronts are 26X6 on a 4 inch rim :happy:
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    Strange C Clip elim kits

    Any one using the Strange C Clip elim kits for the street? The website lists for use with Strange Pro street axles. I want to install this kit because they are made to be able to withstand street use as well, but they say nothing about compatability with stock axles. Has anyone used stock...
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    Any experience with Badlandz exhaust cutouts?

    Hey guys, Gettin ready to order some exhaust cutouts for the z and am doing some price shopping as always. Found a pretty decent deal on a set of 2.5 inch cutouts by a company called Badlandz. They look nice and I can get replacement motors for them if something goes wrong. My question is...
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    2010 season video and pics

    Hey fellas, I made this short video compilation of some of my runs from this year and a few from last to show the progress I made this year. I apologize for some of the crummy g/f is still learning how to use our camera but is getting much better at getting the shots! Enjoy!
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    9/19/2010 video of me at Milan dragway

    Went to Milan dragway Sunday for the GM Performance day race... Heres a video of on of my last races. I dialed a 13.35 (i wish I wouldve dialed lower because it got much cooler when I made this pass) anyway, I broke out big running a 13.27 and that was after me letting out just before...
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    Not really a retro fit i guess but im gonna ask anyways.....

    So my buddy asked me if its possible to drop an old school small block into a 4th gen firebird that was a got me thinking. So i figured i would ask the fine gentlemen here and see if anyone knows if this can be done.... Im not gonna battle back and forth about just putting an ls...
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    Tach not working?

    Hey guys just went out a few minutes ago to start the car up for a few minutes and I noticed the tach wasnt working?!?!?! The shift light,which is tapped into the tach wire works fine, but the tach is just sitting at 1500 rpms. Got any ideas on what it could be or where I shoud start looking...
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    Finally went racing today...what a suprise I had!

    Well I finally got to go racing today!!! It was the first time out with the new suspension and traction bars....and what a difference! Last year I was never able to run anything faster than a 14.0. SO i was hoping for a 14.7ish time today.....but to my suprisethe first run off the trailer...
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    GM performance day at Milan....

    Any one plan on going? Ill be there hopefully running in the nostalgia class... :bowtie:
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    Ready to pull my hair out....HELP PLEASE!

    Hey Guys, I've been having a problem for the last few days where the car is running rough. It felt like a misfire at first so naturally I checked all the wires, plugs, cap and rotor, and coil. Everything looked great. The coil is brand new and has only about 200 miles on it, and I put a new...
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    Any fellow southeastern MI members going?

    Are there any fellow South eastern MI Nasty members that plan on going to the big bearing burners car show this upcoming Saturday June 5th in Mount Clemens? Ill be there in the afternoon around 4ish, and was wondering if by chance Id run into someone? Id like to meet some wonderful people...

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