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    Help from phone guru please.

    Weird situation. I have two phones, less than a year old. a razr HD and a razr. I bought them from verizon on my ex-wife's account (like $300 or so paid up front) and now she has decided to dump verizon. Verison will not let me assume the account without her say so and she isn't going to...
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    Is this a joke?

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    Got this in an E-mail

    Don't know if it's actually true or not but it is funny.
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    phoenix dust storm

    Haboob in Phoenix AZ yesterday. Pretty impressive dust cloud! LINK But more importantly I get to say the word "haboob" in a serious sentence!
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    My customers really seem to want a drive-thru

    For the second time in just over 3 months somebody hit my shop! The last time, 04/16/14
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    Green eggs and ham

    We've been going back and forth over so much silly stuff here lately Without accomplishing anything that I thought I'd throw this out there. In the classic book "Green Eggs and Ham" did the good Dr. intend for it to be green eggs and green ham or is the green ham a case of artistic licence...
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    Selling a car on ebay, advice/tips?

    Never sold a car on ebay, hoping a few here have and can give me the benefit their experiences.
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    Let the "I told you so"s start.

    The Beemer goes up for sale as soon as I get the title back.
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    Anybody else play freecell solitaire?

    I play a several times a day on breaks. Think you can beat my record?
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    Lets name the car

    My son has decide the beemer needs a name. I am favoring Ursula (nice german name) but he doesn't like it. I was looking at Bond Girl names maybe? Suggestions?
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    Heard any good GM jokes lately?

    Nope, none that I can recall!
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    Nasty z28 "visitors survey"

    Legit or malware?
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    Went ahead and bought it

    1990 BMW 750il with the v12. LOTS of fun to drive, and so loaded it's unbelieveable. I mean power heated seats sure, but power heated back seats?
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    The Dong

    Several people have been telling me for a while that the Vietnamese Dong will soon be revalued vs. the dollar. Currently valued at $0.00004719 rumors are stating figures of a jump to $0.44 or even higher. Is there any real chance this will happen?
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    BMW questions

    I can buy an older but very low mileage BMW 750il for chicken feed, are they any good? It's a 1990 with 72000 miles for $1500.00. That is apparently the going rate for these, why? It looks, runs, and drives like a new car, and the v12 is just cool IMHO.
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    This doesn't seem right...

    Looking at cragslist, just seeing whats around today and came across this, seems like a nice car but the ad reads: Sounds like they just don't want any online bids at all? Original ad
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    Finally reached an agreement

    On my divorce. Been hanging over my head for a year. I'm not much of a drinker but I figured I deserved one tonight.
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    I think I need this
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    WIFI network names

    Lotsa folks out there think they're pretty funny. I'm just guessing here but I doubt if there was a "safehouse" with WIFI they would call it that and I would hope they have better than WPA2 for security.
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    102° on May the fourth.

    Sucks. Oh and "May the fourth be with you!"

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