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    Catch can locations

    Hey guys any pics of guys running oil catch cans in their 2nd gen. Need ideas. TIA.
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    2000 SS Camaro unmolested 61,850 miles Full suspension upgrades

    Up for sale is my A4 2000 SS Camaro that has all new upgraded suspension. Car is super super clean with nearly flawless leather interior power driver seat. Car is a 3 prior owner car, clean carfax, handles and stops incredible with the looks to match. Only minor issues is it has a slow leak on...
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    Distributor rotor ??

    I'm pretty sure I found my TDC via piston stop. My question now is I took cap off dizzy and rotor is pointing closer to the 12 o'clock position rather than pointing at #1 piston. I have to pull dizzy to lock it out. Should my rotor be facing #1 being that at TDC now??
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    Any way to tell bent rod or valve?

    Buddy of mine is looking at a motor and guy says he thinks a valve may be bent but unsure and guy is clueless. Motor spins fine with breaker on balancer no noises etc. Any other way to tell beside leak test neither one of us has a meter. Motor is cheap so prob buy anyway. Decent set of heads...
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    piston stop method

    whats up guys I understand the whole piston stop methodjust wondering where is the starting point I'm not 100 percent sure where my TDC is so this is vital thanks!
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    How do you lock out timing?

    Added a procharger to the Z now I'm getting all my fine stuff figured out. I have a MSD dist and need to lock out my timing. How does one go about doing this?
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    Mallory 140 series pump and filter housing

    Have a used pump/ filter setup. It's a Mallory 140 series. It's been used but worked great when taken off 2 years ago. Little scratched up but it's a fuel setup. Filter housing has AN fittings still on it. Believe it's -6 or -8 have to check $100 SHIPPED
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    WTB supercharger parts for SBC

    Need procharger, blow thru carb, and fuel system for a supercharged SBC let me know what you have!!
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    WTB Broken IPHONES!!!

    Looking to purchase some broken Iphones if any one has collecting dust. Let me know.
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    ARP Eagle Rod bolts 8740

    Perfect set of Eagle 8740 Rod bolts These are used with Eagle H beam rods $45 Shipped
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    SRP Forged pistons (used)

    I have 7 perfect pistons that have under 1,000 street miles on them. These are forged 4.040 bore 3.75 stroke. Part # 138094 I called JE and the single piston is $90 bucks. You can have a perfect set for under $300. I dropped a washer down intake a my # 3 piston got whacked. Im now going...
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    Hurst qtr stick/pistol grip Mounting plate/Cover kit

    I have a BRAND NEW IN BOX Hurst quarter stick/pistol grip Alumn cover kit and matching quick disconnect mounting plate. Part #s 130-0041 195-0225 $75.00 Shipped
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    WTB Procharger

    Wanting a D1sc or P1sc Procharger. Anyone have??
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    MLS head gaskets??

    My block is .040 bore, some of these companies are telling me to go .030 over bore and others are saying stay at .040 WTF. Any inputs?? the heads are alum AFR's 195
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    Blower guys chime in (cam ?)

    Bought all my pistons bolts gaskets etc... Now thinking of a new cam. I will be using D1sc approx 10-12 PSI AFR 195's, Any cam suggestions?? Id like a nice lump to it and I need higher LSA.
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    Converter quest??

    Is it possible for a tranny shop to lower a stall speed, I.E a 3,800 to a 2,800?? instead of buying a new one??
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    Blower pistons

    Im building a blower motor. I ad my mind set on JE but they dont make a 4.040 bore, they can custom do it but its almost $900. Any oter suggestions on a nice blower piston?? I need 3.75 stroke, 6" rod and a .40 bore.
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    WTB Procharger

    Looking for a D1sc or better, let me know what you have!!
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    Intake with AFR'S

    What's a good intake I should use wit AFR 195's I currently run Victor JR but is there anything else that will give me more HP. I have a 388 sbc
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    My new bezel is in!! (pics)

    Here it is autometer setup!

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