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  1. Devryn

    Anyone looking to buy a Motorcycle?

    Thinking about selling my 2014 Yamaha Raider. Just putting out some feelers. I've owned it since New. Color matched quick release batwing fairing. Saddle bags, fork bag. Only 7k miles. Meticulous with the maintenance. I've been having some issues with vertigo and haven't been able to ride much.
  2. Devryn

    OKC Cars and Coffee

    I'm planning on taking my Bel Air to Cars and Coffee in OKC this weekend. Looks like they're collecting for Toys for Tots, so I plan on making a donation there as well. If I can get my wife up, she'll probably take her 02 Thunderbird. If anyone sees us, come say hi! - Josh
  3. Devryn

    Oil Pressure 60 psi idle, 80+ load

    This is obviously not good. Is there any chance this is something simple, or is this motor gonna have to be torn apart? 468 BBC btw.
  4. Devryn

    This is why you don't use different metals on stuff with current.

    Mom's car popped and wouldn't start this morning. Opened the hood and found this. Never seen one like that before. They had a kit installed that let them flat tow the car behind an RV. Looks like the kit had dissimilar metals. 4 years later it looks like this.
  5. Devryn

    Yukon Cars and Coffee, 9/18 6 pm. Anyone going?

    Got my issues with the 57 sorted for now...gonna try to go to Cars and Coffe in Yukon tomorrow. Anyone going?
  6. Devryn

    Need a campershell at the end of Oct

    I need to rent/borrow/buy a campershell at the end of Oct. 2010 silverado extended cab. Anyone have a lead?
  7. Devryn

    Alternator bracket BBC with tall valve covers?

    Anyone have a good alternator bracket for a BBC with tall valve covers and short water pump?
  8. Devryn

    Labor Day Car Shows in OKC area?

    I think cars and coffee is this weekend up near the COSTCO, but does anyone know if there are any other car shows or gatherings in the area?
  9. Devryn

    Help Decoding Big Block

    If you've seen any of my other threads in the last few weeks, I've been trying to sort out this third hand project of a Bel Air. The next mystery is the motor. The stamping is unusual. It says "BAD RAT CJE210447 2011." Anyone have any idea who made this motor, and if it is some standard spec...
  10. Devryn

    Any FiTech experts? Specifically with a Big Block? I have questions

    Anyone running a big block and a FiTech? I purchased a kind of third hand project. I don't know much about the motor. What I do know is that it is a 468, has headers, iron heads, and the FiTech 30012. SUPPOSEDLY the reason it has a 30012 is that it was either using forced induction at one...
  11. Devryn


    Hey all. My name is Josh. Moved to OKC a few years ago for a job. No longer a Camaro owner, but this place is full of knowledge and I have a 57 Bel Air with a big block, so I thought I'd hang out a little and maybe gain some knowledge. Also looking for places that can do work I can't (or...
  12. Devryn

    Need a good mechanic in Phoenix.

    Anyone know a good mechanic in Phoenix? My wife is living up near 19th Ave and Glendale and the 2010 Taurus seems to be having some kind of cooling issue. She took it to a big o and they said they couldn't find anything wrong and flushed the radiator, but the car is still overheating randomly...
  13. Devryn

    A reminder to be careful

    I was shot at on the I10 in January. I was passing someone when a Tahoe full of people got on my ass. I got out of their way. They flew by giving te one fingered solute, which I returned. Less than a mile later they tried to stop me on the road. Then when I passed them they shot at me.
  14. Devryn

    I'm doing a research project and could use your input.

    I'm doing a research project on addiction. Specifically video game addiction. I'm interested in hearing any stories you may have about yourself or people you that you suspect may have had an addiction to video games. I don't need any names or places but I would like specifics on the addiction...
  15. Devryn

    ASUS eeePad Transformer

    So I picked up one of these tablets today. My school went to pdf books and i needed something better to read the books. My wife already has an iPad and loves it. I didn't want an iPad 2 because that's her thing. I thought about buying her an iPad two and stealing her iPad, but with the iPad...
  16. Devryn


    Gotta vent. I took a job 2 hours away from our house in the town that my wife and I want to live in. Since September I've lived in this town during the week and gone home on the weekends. My wife is still working her job in the Phoenix area and has been unsuccessful finding work here. Worse...
  17. Devryn

    HA! Figured it out (Netflix/iPhone)

    First of all...Netflix on the go is AWESOME. The problem is that when I'm at work, I can't WATCH it, but sometimes I'd like to listen to it instead of music. Having the screen on is a waste of battery power since I'm not watching it, and this little conundrum has always bothered me. Today...
  18. Devryn

    Mary made this morning
  19. Devryn

    New Vanity Plate

    It arrived on Veteran's day even.
  20. Devryn

    HVAC Gurus, question

    Why would my air handler not kick on? It worked fine last week when the A/C was working. Tried to switch it to heat and the unit outside comes on, but the air handler does not.

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