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    autometer a-pillar gauge pod for 70-81 camaro

    I'd like one in mine gm screwed up not pitting oil gauges in 2nd gens I'd also like oil temp with the big block and sure I could find a use for a 3rd hole too Trans temp air/fuel maybe since it's injected now
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    cameo white black and gold decals
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    might just be me but satin sure looks brighter than it did of course was 38 yr old paint too:o
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    What is the actual color of thinner part of a 78 z hood scoop and headlight trim
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    78Z28 big block

    bought new front springs for it from dr classics its dragging its nose bad stock rear suspension anyone know of a spring that will gert me back to stock ride height as is now bump stops less than a inch from control arm have it blocked up just to drive it actually sit higher with stock small...
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    big block ps brackets

    anyone know what brackets i need to use and pump everything hits the steering box i have tried (well the pulley) oh its a 78Z with a tbi 454 and 4l80
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    454 swap

    what pulley p/s pump combo will fit my 78 z -fi 454 4l80 everyone seems to hit the p/s box --pulling my hair out over it !
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    78 fi bbc

    got a tbi 454 down in my 78Z major issues with the hood closing it hits on the alt and a/c --it is a serp set up but would change it all to keep my hood --anyone know what brackets i need to use?
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    camaro stolen

    sucks so bad been there my 78z was stolen when i was 16 now at 45 building one it will never be it but it will have the same key ring!! hope they catch em and hang em high!
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    numbers match?

    is ckl --now just to find the stuff to make my speedo work!!
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    numbers match?

    thanks guys its for sure getting the old injected 454 4l80 now alot of wiring to do YUK!!
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    day i got it and got it home
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    day i got it and got it home
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    day i got it and got it home
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    numbers match?

    i have a 78Z28 has not run in years and was told it wasnt the original motor but block and head codes are right for it where can i find out for sure before i drop my big block in it? block code 3970010 with ckl on the front heads are 338882

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