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  1. GsLawLess79

    79 headliner inst non t-top

    how does the 79 headliner go in? I have all trim and I see the roof has a bunch of t shaped slots. However when I try and order clips I don't see one for any year range on a 79. The headliner that was installed when I bought the car was glued to the roof. Any help greatly appreciated.
  2. GsLawLess79

    Th400 drop in shifter

    Been lookin at the b&m mega shifter, but I want to ensure a factory type fit with a plate for the center console. Will it fit or does anyone have any better ideas on a shifter. I want a good 3spd ratchet shifter. Any help would be awesome.
  3. GsLawLess79

    CTS leather for my 79

    Anyone attempted CTS front seats in a 79? Wondering how easy it was I have functional wire diagram. Just needs to know tips or tricks to mount to car? Width the same 1" taller than factory. All info would be helpful. Let me know!!!
  4. GsLawLess79

    Drip Rails

    installed or not installed? Anyone have pros cons with not running drop rails? Goal is for super clean car solid color no chrome trim.
  5. GsLawLess79

    Gs Ride

    Pretty emotional thread for me so I'll throw it out there as I don't talk about it anywhere else. This is a commemorative car for my son Garrett. He went by G and he was a rare kiddo, lightening in a bottle. My wife and I have no other kids and are currently trying invitro. Garrett passed...
  6. GsLawLess79

    Camaro resto-mod inwrk

    I have several used/new parts cheap off of 1979 camaro, just need them gone prefer not to ship but will shoot me a text for pictures (nine zero seven) 317-6646. New - L88 fiberglass pin on hood $300 - undrilled still grey (classic industries brand) Used - L88 fiberglass pin on hood $100 - great...
  7. GsLawLess79

    Big Chief Cylinder heads?

    Anyone ever heard of big chief cylinder heads? Supposedly these are the heads installed on the car and they have been worked. I purchased this 1979 in may. It has a 1967 .396 bbc bored .60 over. Motor had "1700" miles on it when I got it. For most part through tear down everything has been...

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