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  1. jawknee21

    Modifying vacuum advance?

    So Im trying to get my timing set right and im pretty sure my vacuum advance is too much. at idle im at about 10-12 degrees. then mechanical advance im at about 25 with no vacuum. when i hook up the vacuum it goes up to about 45. so i need to take 10 degrees from the vacuum. i know crane cams...
  2. jawknee21

    Installed Electric fans. One keeps turning off and back on

    I swapped the relays and it still does the same thing. it goes off and back on without touching anything or moving wires. i have them on a switch and a sensor. i have to move the sensor tomorrow since I put it on the back of the intake manifold and it doesnt seem to be picking up the temp very...
  3. jawknee21

    Switching to Dual Electric fans. Mounting ideas?

    My car (1981 383) has been getting hot sitting in traffic. I had a shroud and mechanical fan, 4 row radiator and a single electric fan on a switch and the car still wouldnt stay cool on a hot day. Should I be having a problem still or could it be something else? I got dual fans from summit and...
  4. jawknee21

    New Radiator. Not fitting right. Any ideas?

    i bought this for my 81 and attached my trans cooler, took off my electric fan and cant get the top support to fit. i can put the 3 bolts in the top but then i cant get the bolts through the shroud to reach the holes on the support. anyone have this...
  5. jawknee21

    Carb or distrubutor? Car running weird

    So i have an 81 with a 383 that my dad and I just got in the car this summer. Completely rebuilt. Edelbrock 600 and a cheap ebay distributor. So about a month ago the igntion module died in the car. I replaced it and it was fine. Then about a week ago the car started doing this weird thing after...
  6. jawknee21

    whats the resistor for? heater?

    so i have an 81 camaro that HAD a/c and i took it out and put in the ac delete panel. i dont think i kept the resistor but the relay is there. what do i use the resistor for? where does it go? i dont remember seeing anywhere for it to plug in. sorry if this sounds dumb. i just dont have any fan...
  7. jawknee21

    Im cold. Trying to fix heater..

    So I just ordered a new backing plate for my 81 camaro heater switches. The mounting holes broke off so all the switches fell down in the back. My fan speed switch wouldnt work either so i bought a new one. The new one only works on hi and nothing lower. the old switch only worked on hi but i...
  8. jawknee21

    Has anyone replaced their weatherstripping?

    Specifically the roofrail seal. i had the body shop put in new weatherstripping and now the window wont seal all the way. it has like a 1/2inch gap in it. they said they didnt change the window at all but the front side near the windshield is really tight and the top isnt even sealing. should...
  9. jawknee21

    Z28 hood/better cooling?

    Is there any actual difference in cooling with the z28 hood compared to a stock hood? my car gets hot sitting in traffic. I've already added an electric fan but it doesnt seem to make much difference..
  10. jawknee21

    Getting my car painted. Deposit?

    Is it normal to pay a deposit? The car is white and being painted white again with stripes that will be a different color. Door jambs are already white but the doors are still orange on the edges. Theres minor body work, the bottom of the nose is cracked so hes either going to fix that one or...
  11. jawknee21

    Speedometer Variation (whats normal/acceptable?)

    I have an 81 that i just swapped the motor and trans in and my speedo wasn't working. I took out the stock 231 which i read comes with stock 3.08s and put in a turbo 350 and combined with the tire size i put in the blue driven gear and the red drive gear. Checked by gps on my phone im within...
  12. jawknee21

    Parts wanted (so cal)

    So im about to take my 81 camaro in to get painted and figured i'd get the parts i need before i do so i dont have to get stuff repainted when i change it. I have all this stuff but some of it is having problems. my hood is bending so i'll probably get a new one and my passenger mirror seems to...
  13. jawknee21

    81 camaro AC Delete?

    I tried using search but it doesnt go anywhere. Whats my best option to get rid of the big box under the hood? I already took all of the ac stuff out and put in a new heater core and blower motor but i put the fender back on and put the box back in. That was like 4 years ago. I know i should've...

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