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  1. mallard

    Happy Birthday Kane Tanaka!

    Happy Birthday to Kane Tanaka. She is the worlds oldest currently living person, 3rd oldest ever, oldest Japanese person ever and only the 3rd person ever to reach the age of 119!
  2. mallard

    Happy Birthday Kane Tanaka

    Happy birthday Kane Tanaka. The worlds oldest person turned 118 on January 2, 2021 (already January 2 in Japan). She’s only the 3rd person verified to ever have reached that age and the oldest Japanese person ever.
  3. mallard

    1970 Camaro SS on ebay

    Sharp looking car. However, a question for the '70 experts were those wheels available on any second gens? I sure don't remember them although a friend of mine had a 69 Chevelle SS 396 that had wheels like that. Admittedly they do look great on this car but my question is are they correct...
  4. mallard

    '73 Z28 on ebay

    Has this car been discussed on this forum? Certainly is sharp looking...
  5. mallard

    Master Cylinder Question

    My 74 Z needs a master cylinder. Although everything works fine (no fade or spongy pedal yet) it's developed that patented leak between the cylinder and the booster. It's been nearly 40 years since I've gotten a replacement cylinder for anything so my question is what are the experiences with...
  6. mallard

    CamaroCentral 5 spoke Centre Caps

    Anyone ever bought any of these centre caps from CamaroCentral? Are they good quality? They seem reasonably priced.
  7. mallard

    74 Camaro Trim Tag Conundrum

    First off I want to congratulate those responsible for this site. Further, I want to thank the informed posters who have shared their information here. I think I've learned about as much about my 74 Z28 in the last few months from this site, than I have in the 31 years that I've owned it. It...

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