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    Project "No Time"

    nice, is that a homemade dolly?
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    Garage lighting

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    1979 Rally Sport for sale

    beautiful car indeed
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    Time For A New Floor Jack

    interesting thread, i'm interested in a low profile aluminum jack too
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    Civil lawyer question info needed quick

    this thread delivers
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    Congrats 702vegaskid!

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    Vintage air owners *Please Help*

    glad you got it figured out
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    Civil lawyer question info needed quick

    The internetz is the place to go for financial and legal advice, everyone is an expert. if you don't believe me, just ask. But no one on the internetz will ask for your CC card #, and this thread is proof you "get what you pay for"
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    My 1974 Z28 Build

    Looking forward to seeing the next project!
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    The Future?

    Missing electric motorcycles/cars and driverless cars, this must be an old list?
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    Bring Back Highway to Sell !

    +1 book value, asking price, and expert appraisals are a good guess, but selling price may be a whole different game of ball
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    Extreme Hot Weather Prep, Life in AZ

    I miss living in AZ. My street bike does fine off roading in the desert in the summers, I usually ride it there every summer at least once from Florida.
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    Bitchin' Rides

    Beats Foose's show by about 20,000,000 times
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    Should I Sell

    you should sell it to me.
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    75 Camaro: Fat & Furious

    they botched that '75!
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    Bring Back Highway to Sell !

    +1, blah show right there
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    2016 Camaro teaser pic

    Yes sir I agree camaro been ahead over the long haul since 2010, but I see Ford steppin' it up. Competition just makes it better and better for us and Ford owners

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