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  1. Bamaro

    Anyone Have Coker Wide-Oval Bias or Radial Tires?

    Yup thats mine. I haven't been there for awhile. It started getting very crowded and then covid hit.
  2. Bamaro

    70 Manual Disc Brake Problem

    Unless your problem is air in the line, manual brakes stop as well as power, you just need to press a little harder. Your problem is probably that you are not used to pressing harder. I have never had an issue using my manual brakes.
  3. Bamaro

    Anyone Have Coker Wide-Oval Bias or Radial Tires?

    I assume that when you are talking about 'bias-ply' you really mean 'bias-belted'. Bias-ply's are not that good and should be avoided. Bias-belted are ok to use. Radials will handle better than either.
  4. Bamaro

    How old is the antifreeze in your engine?

    I've always used the regular 'green' (IAT) antifreeze. I'm still not sure what is the best to top it off or what should never be used to top it off.
  5. Bamaro

    How old is the antifreeze in your engine?

    NO, it is a poison! I think you have that dangerously backwards.
  6. Bamaro

    Any love for Base, LTs and Berlinettas? (Long read)

    My base 70. Mostly original or restored to like original. I'm the original owner, factory ordered the weekend they went on sale in February, delivered in early April. I couldn't afford many upgrades but it does have the F41 suspension upgrade. Got its 3rd (and last) repaint about 4 years ago...
  7. Bamaro

    70 correct spare rim paint color

    FWIW, my full wheel cover 70 has an all black spare wheel.
  8. Bamaro

    Manual brakes on street car

    Manual brakes work fine and give you a good feel of the road. I've been driving mine for 50 years with no issues.
  9. Bamaro

    broke my 1970 front grill

    I'd get the year correct one.
  10. Bamaro

    Car cover suggestions

    I keep my limited use Camaro garaged and covered. I ordered a Covercraft CA16PD, size G3, 8 years ago (I got it at that time through JC Whitney). Its a poly/cotton cover. Covercraft Industries - Custom Fit - Covers for Your Car and Seats, Sunscreens and Bras. Been very happy with it.
  11. Bamaro

    F78-14 Bias-ply Tires on a '70

    FWIW, I know some use the terms interchangeably but they should be bias-belted, not bias-ply.
  12. Bamaro

    Crate Engines

    FWIW, there was a chart in either MT or C&D a year or so back showing the best bang for the buck of numerous crate engines. The LS3 came out on top. I think it was rated at 400 or 430HP.
  13. Bamaro

    1970 307 Exhaust Recommendations

    Finding the crossover can be a problem
  14. Bamaro

    Does numbers matching really "matter"?

    You asked if numbers matching matters and it does. There is value associated with numbers matching. That doesn't mean that a highly modified car wont necessarily sell for more. That is comparing apples to oranges. Numbers matching matters when comparing similar cars, not modified cars which are...
  15. Bamaro

    Opinions on Rear Tray Speaker Install

    RPO was U80 Speaker, rear seat, installed 20,583, cost $14.75 110,779 AM radios installed 8,586 AM/FM
  16. Bamaro

    Dealer Emblem

    FWIW, when I ordered mine in 70 I specifically told them to leave it off.
  17. Bamaro

    72 Split bumper convert

    Dont just bolt on the 'bumperetts'. Replace the grill area, facia and lights.
  18. Bamaro

    So how good are the Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) guys?

    They are OK but they have their limits and I'm afraid yours passed it.
  19. Bamaro

    72 Split bumper convert

    If you are going to do it, at least do it right.
  20. Bamaro

    straight 6 camaros are left

    People bought the Camaro for style and handling, not always for acceleration numbers, and did not want to pay for premium gas.

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