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  1. SoCal71RS

    Eleven years ago!!!

    Sorry for the late reply Dave. And thus part of the problem, is I'm just not checking in here everyday like I used to... I did move (in with the little lady). A whole 10 miles North!!!
  2. SoCal71RS

    Frys Electronics is done

    Bummer, getting to be you need to get everything online now.
  3. SoCal71RS

    Eleven years ago!!!

    That sounds cool! Might have to be careful about drinking... Maybe pick a weekend morning to do a brewery tour and hang for a bit. Post something up here and maybe the FB page and see if it get's any hits. I'm nearby in Garden Grove.
  4. SoCal71RS

    Eleven years ago!!!

    Guy's, this just popped up on my FB timeline as a memory from 11 years ago. It's the last big NastyZ28 SoCal gathering at Las Barca's. 11 years ago!?!? We need to get something together.
  5. SoCal71RS

    California ruined the nostalga of the black plate. :(

    Would make for some good footage on one of the weekly high speed chases. You never really see cool cars making a run for it.
  6. SoCal71RS

    Cool bit of tech for music people

    I'd still rather have a CD over vinyl any day. Cool gadget though. My favorite booth always seems to be Friedman.
  7. SoCal71RS

    California ruined the nostalga of the black plate. :(

    Definitely overdone with the black plates. I have just the rear blue and yellow plate on my car and am constantly worried about getting a ticket. I'd like to have a fake front one made. I used to have a 86 Z28 with blue plates and got a ticket for no front plate. I looked all over my parents...
  8. SoCal71RS

    I found this cool...........

    That was quite cool Dave! I looked up their other stuff, pretty cool. The chick has some interesting lyrics. Better then half the top 40 crap out there.
  9. SoCal71RS

    Good alignment shop in the LA area

    Nice! Good to know. I have had the same problem but much more so with my '69 Ford Econoline. Anyone needing suspension work in the Costa Mesa, Huntington Beach area I'd definitely look up Glenn's Alignment.
  10. SoCal71RS

    Someone has to start a thread this year...

    Mr. January here wishing all you SoCal Nasty's a Happy New Year!
  11. SoCal71RS

    Corvette C-7 parking only...

  12. SoCal71RS

    Thought I've seen it all ...

    Well, they were rural. But like everything else its being taken over. All the Santa Ana dairy's went out there, and they've now all been bought out and cookie cutter houses have taken over all around. But there is still laws in Norco that lots are a minimum of half acre and there are trails that...
  13. SoCal71RS

    Thought I've seen it all ...

    They do this in Norco. Its a horse town...
  14. SoCal71RS

    You boys need to plan one of those ledgendary SoCal cruises reminicent of years back.

    Las Barcas still has some great food but the parking lot is half of what it was and there are business' all over the outer perimeter now. We need a new spot.
  15. SoCal71RS

    2017 Calendar - on sale now

    Got mine today. They look fantastic! Thanks for all the hard work. Merry Christmas!
  16. SoCal71RS

    Summit Inn destroyed in Blue Cut Fire

    Bummer about the Summit Inn.
  17. SoCal71RS

    I got asked to be in a car show

    Nice! Ought to be a good time.
  18. SoCal71RS

    Advice - going to first car show

    Take your camera.
  19. SoCal71RS

    SoCal 80's flashback. Naugles is back

    Naugles was so much better than Del Taco. Was a bummer when they were shut down. The 1st new location is not far from my work. The lines were so ridiculously long I never bothered. They couldn't keep up with demand and switched to only open on the weekends. Its also a strange location in an...
  20. SoCal71RS

    Jay Leno crashes in the Hemi Under Glass w/Bob Riggle...!

    Glad they are both alright.