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    wide trac width, need narrowed control arms.

    As far as coil-overs go, I'd lean more toward Viking than QA1 if coilover is the way you want to go. Cheaper without the history of poor quality control and still double adjustable to fine tune to your liking.
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    What was the first yr camaro that had rear disc brakes?

    Look into 4th gen camaro's for rear brakes. Anything 98 to 02. Should easily find them for pretty cheap at a junk yard. Then just find a parking brake kit.
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    Just throw a gps in it that has a speedo function.
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    Is this TA worth $3500?

    Rears tend to be pretty cheap. I sold mine for about 150 some years ago when I upgraded to a moser 9". That being said, banging might not be a problem with the rear itself but with the suspension back there. Nothing of which is terribly hard or expensive to replace, even if you go after market...
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    Is this TA worth $3500?

    98 LS1's aren't as desirable as it is a first production year and so they hadn't ironed out a lot of the kinks when they decided to shove the ls1 in. At $3500 though it is a pretty good buy for an ls based 4th gen and far cheaper than you'll readily find even in private sales. That however would...
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    Car Pulling Right Under Braking

    Either something is sticking on the right side or something is not working on the left. To check if something is sticking on the right pick up a cheap Infrared temperature gun and after some driving check both rotors. If there is a noticeable increase on the right it is dragging. If not then the...
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    Any Shocks recommendation?

    KYB is about garbage for most cars. I prefer koni over bilsteins but either are better than KYB.
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    Back in the day scanned pics of your cars -lets see them

    As close as I can get to back in the day. The 2nd gen is too new yet.
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    Back in the day scanned pics of your cars -lets see them

    Just want to thank you guys for making me feel young.
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    Prep Car for 5 Month Storage

    I put the car up on jack stands, remove the wheels, zip tie sandwich baggies with a little steel wool in them on the exhaust, and place a box of baking soda by the front dash, rear seat, and trunk. Then some fuel additive. Disconnect battery and through a cover over the whole car.
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    Rear Leaf Springs

    Are they factory or after market leaf springs? They may be lowering springs. My hotchkis springs are only 4 leaf and have a 1.5" drop. As for u-bolts, I just removed my factory leafs and original rubber and my 79 had u-bolts only. May have been done by a previous own though so can't say much...
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    Possible 81 Berlinetta project. Need some input from the experts.

    Most newer insurance won't want to cover classics. I was gonna go USAA but ran into the same thing. You'll need someone like Hagerty in which you come to an agreed upon valuation of the car and insure for that amount. You then can adjust the value every so often as you do more work to the car...
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    Few LS swap questions

    Not sure the 5th gen camaro pans fit. The pans from a 98-02 ls1 camaro do though and are the route i usually see used.
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    Just finished Lt1 swap..

    This thread spans from 06 to 09 when LT1 camaro's were a good alternative and ls1 camaro's were still desirable and the 5th gens were only barely out of production and pretty costly. So of course in 2016 when we are moving into 6th gen's and the LS1 is fairly easy to come by are you gonna find...
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    700r4 to T-5

    Heck, buy the 96, put it back together and sell it for two or three times that much whole. Are these cars stolen? (j/k) but hell of a deal. I thought CA was more expensive than that.
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    700r4 to T-5

    Do you plan on using the ls1 out of the 99? If not, and you are already willing to spend $2500 on the parts car, you can easily cover your cost without then having to part out the rest of the 99 buying the parts.
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    Custom consoles

    How far behind the seat does it sit?
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    700r4 to T-5

    98 LS engines should be the earliest year for a t56 in a 4th gen. I believe the t5's were still sitting behind the LT engines up to 97.
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    700r4 to T-5

    Something to consider is that the third gen t-5's are set at a 15-17 degree angle. Might want to google some more on it as there are some modifications that need to happen otherwise. You are also going to want to look for a better conversion kit. That one is specific to third gens which means...
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    Custom consoles

    The shifters actually look like they sit in similar positions, you just have a longer arm on yours because your console sits lower. The newer camaro's flows a bit nicer from the box to the dash.

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