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  1. Dirt Reynolds

    NFL's Washington Redtails...???

    I never watched that movie for the reasons you describe -- basically total bull$hit. Chuck Yeager stated in his autobiography which I read almost 30 years ago, that there were VERY few confirmed kills of the Me262 by allied fighters. He managed -- as one of the top or the top ace of the USAAF --...
  2. Dirt Reynolds

    Best.News.Ever>Twinkies Are Back!

    They still sell Wonder bread in Canada, plus all the Hostess brand stuff, since it is owned by another company under licence here. As to the non-union comments, when the the average US hourly wage is down around what they pay in China, maybe then you'll be happy. A race to the bottom in terms...
  3. Dirt Reynolds

    Vortec Cylinder Heads: The Definitive Guide

    Car Craft did a dyno test of L31 Vortecs on a 305 several years ago. You can read about it here: 325 HP 305ci with bolt-ons Nice! That engine is making some good power. :bowtie: EvpfMQHM1yM
  4. Dirt Reynolds

    might be buying a Mopar slow car

    Man, that's nice! I bet it goes pretty good too. What's the stats on the engine and drivetrain?
  5. Dirt Reynolds

    April 25, 1945

    Liberates? Didn't Italy switch sides in WW2? .
  6. Dirt Reynolds

    What kind of Plane?

    Actually the CF-18 Hornet replaced the CF-101 Voodoo, the CF-5 stayed around in a ground support role for the army. .
  7. Dirt Reynolds

    Wicked 1974 Z28

    Exactly! ;) .
  8. Dirt Reynolds

    Wicked 1974 Z28

    From the 2013 Toronto Megaspeed Auto Show: Man I love this car. That engine is a 700 HP 454ci LSX. Nice job to whoever owns it! :cool: :bowtie: Some *very* cool cars at this show, check out the link: 2013 Toronto Megaspeed Show .
  9. Dirt Reynolds

    Carpentry fail (possible repost?)!

    That is hilarious! I checked out the vid on YouTube, comments seem to suggest this is in Langley, which is the city next to mine heading east. Might have to call my buddy in Lengley and go find this place just to catch some yuks in person. One of the comments -- "Two Wongs don't make a right...
  10. Dirt Reynolds

    Bigger vehicles = Safer - study proves

    That's the route I chose also. I prefer the room and comfort of driving my Tahoe as a daily. :D
  11. Dirt Reynolds

    '85 IROC Z28...rescued from a semi-trailer!

    Back in the trailer again -- soon to be discovered same time, next year. :cool: .
  12. Dirt Reynolds

    Damn You Greenland!!!

    Man --this has been one of the warmest, sunniest springs I've seen yet. Has been sunny most every day the past month or so. No complaints out here in the Pacific northwest region. :cool:
  13. Dirt Reynolds

    Bigger vehicles = Safer - study proves

    Michelin manufactures tires in Canada also. They have 3 tire plants in Nova Scotia. They also have plants in 6 US states. .
  14. Dirt Reynolds

    choice between 2 used vehicles

    Take the Magnum. The 3.5L V6 is a well-built durable engine, they come from the factory with a forged crank unlike the other Dodge V6 engines, inc. the new Pentastar V6. The Magnum will be cheaper for you and they have a lot of interior room. Guy at work has one with the Hemi engine and he loves...
  15. Dirt Reynolds

    Brutal 1973 Z28, 1003 Hp!

    That car is absolute badass personified. The guy did a tremendous job of building this machine. Two thumbs-up! .
  16. Dirt Reynolds

    Bigger vehicles = Safer - study proves

    Don't be so sure about that. Check out the fuel economy ratings for the 2013 Ram trucks with the 3.6L Pentastar V6 and 8 spd auto. Quite impressive for a full size pickup. Smaller, more powerful and fuel efficent direct-injected engines coupled to 8 spd+ auto transmissions will eventually be the...
  17. Dirt Reynolds

    Back to the Future: 1950s-era jet fighter outperforms F-35

    Yeah, that's quite a stretch, to say the least. The Russians have built more fighter aircraft designs to attempt to take on the F-15 than for any other US strike aircraft ever. The F-35 is more for ground attack roles than any sort of air to air superiority role. .
  18. Dirt Reynolds

    Its back! NastyZ28, welcome the '14 Z28!

    Not only that, but go to Ford's website and see what they make you pay for the performance extras that GM *includes* in their base price for the ZL1. I couldn't believe it. Ford gives you the bare bones '13 GT500, then makes you pay EXTRA for the seats, EXTRA for the "performance package", EXTRA...
  19. Dirt Reynolds

    Its back! NastyZ28, welcome the '14 Z28!

    Check out the frenzy over on Camaro5 -- those guys are going positively bat$hit over this car. And I can't blame them one iota. :D Retired buddy of mine has been bombarding me with emails about the '14 Z28 since all the hoopla over it's debut yesterday in NY. Says THIS is THE car he has...
  20. Dirt Reynolds

    Its back! NastyZ28, welcome the '14 Z28!

    Here is the debut of the '14 Z28 at the New York Auto Show, with chief engineer Al O. discussing the car. Sure looks wicked on the spintron! PYiZKn9ZtAQ

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