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    Is this a L78 Holley 780 carb?

    Looks like others have said that it is a later 3310 750. Some of the metering blocks are stamped on top with numbers as well so if you go to pull it apart you may find a number there that can be referenced. If your car is an automatic then this carb could be made to work decent but if it is a...
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    Identify These Parts?

    The bottom bracket with the small leg with 2 holes in it is a solenoid bracket for a Rochester carb. The top bracket is a throttle bracket for a car with a round style throttle cable and an automatic trans that has a tv cable for the kick down and the other one is a throttle bracket for a stick...
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    Does anyone have any information or photos on the "Hult Camaro"

    I got the NCRS paper back today on my 70 SS and it was originally sent to Hult Chevrolet in Madison Wi. Not much on them on the internet that I could find but one site mentioned they had their own version of the Camaro and was wondering if anyone else had heard of this before, had any...
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    1970 L78 396

    Were the 5 spoke Z/28 style wheel not an optional wheel on the SS? For some reason I was thinking they were.
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    70 Rs Ss

    My 70 SS which we have established was not a big block car does have the 26 inch opening in the radiator support so would that mean it has been changed somewhere along the line? I thought the heavy duty cooling on the small block SS cars also had the 26 inch opening?
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    Should I Sell

    Sounds like a repaint since he mentioned the clear coat was cracking? Maybe just the hood and trunk were repainted? Not sure what paint was used back then but I think it was 85 or 86 before they went to base/clear iirc.
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    quadrajet rebuild pro

    As Mark mentioned as well sometimes after they come out of the ultrasonic machine they do not need to be recolored but it really depends on how the core looks to begin with. The last one I did like that was on a Second Gen Trans Am but it was a 75k orig mile southern car to begin with.
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    quadrajet rebuild pro

    Properly done with the right equipment and process the "recoloring" of the carburetor does not change the calibration of the carburetor. While there were also some color variances depending on plant and year it is pretty easy to spot a carburetor that has gone through the proper process versus a...
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    quadrajet rebuild pro

    Jim at Allstate carburetor in NY offers a correct look restoration service including the zinc conversion coating iirc. If someone is painting the carb you want to run as fast as you can. We experimented with the zinc conversion process ourselves but the materials are real toxic so we did not...
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    73 Z28 Muscle Car of the Week!!!

    I need a set of those wheels for my 70 but get confused every time I see a set at the swap meet. This is what I found so maybe I need to print it off and carry it with me next time.
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    Jacked Up

    Same here. I always kept the original jack in the car for originality but then also kept a small scissor jack as well since they are so plentiful and cheap. If I was going to a cruise in or something like that then I would just leave the second jack out of the trunk before heading out.
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    Would like opinions on value.

    Naw,there are 5 or 6 on the first 2 pages alone. Some with pics, some without but like anything else without seeing it in person it is hard to put a real value as there may be a lot of hidden stuff but as somebody else mentioned they are only worth what someone will pay if you are looking to...
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    Would like opinions on value.

    Seems to be a rash of new members lately all wanting to know what something is worth and no pictures.....
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    1972 z28 validation

    Same here and I have had both over the years and got much more enjoyment from my driver type cars which is why I am going to put a big block in my 70 SS. I have the matching number short block but by the time I rounded up all the "correct" parts for it and a date coded trans, etc I could easily...
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    70 RS build sheet question

    My SS is spelled Souper Sport.... should I be concerned ;)
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    Ralley Sport misspelling on build sheet

    The part that doesn't look right to me is that there appears to be an aged fold line from top to bottom however the dark spots on the right half do not reflect those on the left.
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    1970 Z28 national press showing car

    Are the rocker moldings supposed to be black on that car ? And maybe it is just his pictures but it also looks like the mirrors are painted black? I agree with what some others have posted in that there is a lot of stuff that has been deviated from original and I am not that big of an expert on...
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    Need price tag opinions

    From my past experience a lot of guys will be scared to buy it because they do not have the knowledge to put it back together or complete it. While it may seem simple to you or me you would be surprised how many it is not. I recently went through that with a Camaro and a Blazer that had fresh...
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    Value thoughts on putting a big block in a small block SS

    The fake tag has Z27 stamped on it and the consensus is that 70's did not come that way. The original tag is identical other than there is nothing stamped where the Z27 is on the fake tag.

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