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  1. Misfire

    Help diagnose weird cooking issue

    If a 170 degF is all it got to, that wont hurt a thing, coolant does expand when gets hot, why they make expansion tanks for cars, put new thermostat in, you can top off the coolant thru intake before installing thermostat, then you know block is full.
  2. Misfire

    Camshaft decision between two cams

    Dude! Thats pretty big cam for smallblock with AC to deal with on the street. I've always been a BB person which you can over cam to the moon, But with a smallblock I wouldnt go over .500. Just did some work on 79 vette that had around .500 ish motherthumper in a 10:1 350 that i thought was...
  3. Misfire

    Roll Call

    Here! Doraville, some one keep me filled in on any get togethers. ([email protected])
  4. Misfire

    Big tires outside the fender

    Sweet lord,, lol
  5. Misfire

    Side pipes!!!

    I had to build my sidepipe setup,, I used the Hooker headers for the pancake 4 and Headman Hustlers off the engine. The Hooker headers are 2 1/8" and the Hustlers were 2" so with the leftover cut out turns were reused to join everything together, pieces slide inside each other. I also did have...
  6. Misfire

    Wanting to lose few more pounds,,,

    Good info,,, It is a street car, My crazy goal is to get down to 3500 with me in it,,
  7. Misfire

    Muncie gear oil ?

    All I know is if gonna hoss em, gonna pop em,, Ive popped a few pushing a blown 427,,, any kind of driveline slack is more of an enemy than wrong oil,,, I have had really good luck past 5 years running lucas tracktor trailer transmission oil,, The thickest they make, If I remember its a 140/90...
  8. Misfire

    Wanting to lose few more pounds,,,

    I've always been a sucker for 5 spoke wheels,,, altho I haven't weighted the old school IROC wheels,,,They don't feel heavy handling or moving while off the car.
  9. Misfire

    Wanting to lose few more pounds,,,

    I like the heavy battery,,, I keep it in the trunk to help the M/T drag radials bite.
  10. Misfire

    Wanting to lose few more pounds,,,

    Suppose to lose 4lbs a side with tube control arms,,, seems speedway has a good price on those, And thank you for the insight on aluminum rear drums,,, I knew they made them for buick/olds, but didn't know what body. I've had this car sense 1991 and have spent enuff money on (The Duke) I'm sure...
  11. Misfire

    Wanting to lose few more pounds,,,

    Are these cars considered (metric)?
  12. Misfire

    Wanting to lose few more pounds,,,

    Seems whatever weight I lose from aluminum heads, removing front inner bumper, no radio, no spair,, also have protruding bolt threds cut off, I put back with ladder bars ,sub-frame connectors, blower, etc,etc, Present condition with me in the car is 3600lbs. Think that's the original weight, lol
  13. Misfire

    Wanting to lose few more pounds,,,

    Hey Guy's,, Went thru the forums as best as I could,, and cannot find anything on GM front aluminum calipers that will interchange with the stockers,, My car is a 78 with spindels/rotors/calipers off a 81. Not looking for any increase in braking just losing weight. or if anyone has weight...
  14. Misfire

    dropping in a big block, front springs ??

    455 Trans Am springs were perfect for my car,, Had to remove and trim 1 to 2" accordingly,,, My car ways in at 3600lbs.
  15. Misfire

    whats it worth?

    will have foto's soon,
  16. Misfire

    whats it worth?

    Here ya go guy's, I have found a 1979 white/blue stripes Z28 with lite blue interior,T-tops, been sitting in the woods, has probly 6 foot tree's grown in front of it, was needing a cam when parked, from what I understand, inside is ruff, guessing been sitting 10 yrs, power windows an door...
  17. Misfire

    Super charger question

    lol, Dude that looks just like my car. (cept mine is first year of plastic bumper's) wow,that thing is 25% overdriven. I would pull the carb's and take a look inside the mixer, and do a static compression test just to see where you stand. I know that Weiand's are a looser built huffer and big...
  18. Misfire

    Anyone using the Snow Performance kits??

    WOW, 421 HP is not nothing to sneeze about from a daily driver, (guessing) are the whipples considered a constant displacement like the old root's huffers? you can pretty much get any pressure you want out of a root's, just depends how much you want to spin it up, big motors need lot's of air...
  19. Misfire

    Camaro's and Christmas

    I'm hopeing the rain and dampness will be gone this weekend for my Camaro sleigh ride, It dos'nt get out often enough but will fun for the Holidays. Does anyone dress their car up for Chrismas? I have lots of places on mine to hang a few bows.
  20. Misfire

    Rear leaf springs, tell me what I'm missing?

    There are other post in here on this, probly going to end up makeing your on shackles for rear springs, are your front subframe mounts good?

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