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  1. Highlife

    Anybody heard from Fat Kid?

    There’s a lot of pop up things that redirect me to something that wants me to spin a wheel when I use my smart phone.
  2. Highlife

    Anybody heard from Fat Kid?

    Will you let him know I’m trying to contact him please.
  3. Highlife

    Anybody heard from Fat Kid?

    Robert where are you? You okay big boy? Lost your phone number and tried contacting you via PM.
  4. Highlife

    Promaxx Maxx Series 183cc heads vs Vortec 062 heads

    Promaxx heads are made by procomp you need power packed humper heads from GM. The heads you want are garbage
  5. Highlife

    36th Aniversary ...

    Semper Fi brother chuck. Thank you.
  6. Highlife

    This is just plain stupid

    Who cares? You ain't got a dog in this fight. If your buddy sipped from greed's Kool-aid it's his cross to bury.
  7. Highlife

    Outlaw Armegeddon

    What do those pictures prove? Meeting someone at PRI or SEMA doesn't make them your friends. It's funny how far your willing to go to be cool on the internet. I trolled ya, you fell for it. That's funny right there.
  8. Highlife

    Outlaw Armegeddon

    You're not under attack. They're not your friends. They're POS criminals. How about you post up pictures of y'all hanging out since you do it so much
  9. Highlife

    Outlaw Armegeddon

    Yes criminals. Street racing is a crime therefore their nothin more than POS criminals with a tv show bragging about how awesome their crimes are. Since your screen name has new member under it you should probably introduce yourself and make a couple threads. I'm not buying your story about...
  10. Highlife

    BBC Hooker Headers fitment problem

    Can you get a cheater pipe in the collector and bend them enough to fit? Bashing header tubes ruin performance
  11. Highlife

    383 stroker dyno results

    Seems a little light to me but the only dyno numbers I've ever saw are the ones that fat kid has. You should talk to him about a custom ground cam. Thrasher and lowend are good cam guys too I've learned a lot from there threads
  12. Highlife

    Smokey Ram, Sy1 combo and how it works

    Looks good monte I ran a smokey ram on my 57 chevy for years. The guys would poke fun and razz me until I let that little 301 eat. It's all up at fat kids shop getting redid can we use your dimple idea?
  13. Highlife

    Three Dead at Drag Race

    North of me in Dallas Texas there is a track called yellow belly they all get together to race drug money cars and the gangs kill each other. It happens at many tracks often but since the criminals now have a tv show it gets in the news
  14. Highlife


    I won't give them money, but I have gave them food. I have even gave away cold beer. If they are honest enough to say they are going to spend my money on beer ill give them beer
  15. Highlife

    Outlaw Armegeddon

    I didn't know those criminals knew how to race on a track
  16. Highlife

    U joint size and slip yoke recommendations please

    Hey Robert is this on your first gen? Where did you find a first gen 12 bolt? My vote is for the 1350 joints, and at least 3" diameter shaft if you've got room in the tunnel. I also strongly suggest a pinion yoke with the dust shield, you don't want debris wiping out the pinion seal.
  17. Highlife

    my latest parts car victim...smashed 94 Firebird Formula $$$!!!

    I don't like it either, but I can dig on the on the fact he's not putting one of the big ass cowls on it. To me the big cowls look like john boats glued to the hood. That car looks slick! I'm sorry I misunderstood what you meant. I have done some fiberglass to steel stuff, but not...
  18. Highlife

    my latest parts car victim...smashed 94 Firebird Formula $$$!!!

    Why the need to pop off at me when you had no clue what I'm working on or capable of doing? Now that I am no longer angered by your smart alec comment I'll show you the end goal. It's going on a heads up composites g body hood for the young mans Monte Carlo SS.
  19. Highlife

    my new PROJECT is SICK...1932 Buick !

    I like fenderless traditional hot rods too. Can I get in on the hug?
  20. Highlife

    LOL...think it's real?

    I tried that one night back in the late 70's in weatherford texas. It was almost fun, but the county sheriff didn't like it as much as I did. They poured out all my beer, took my bag of tricks away from me, told my girl to take my car and go home and then took me and threw my carcass in the...

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