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    Camaro models for sale

    How come you are selling if I may ask? Ha - should have read more before posting.What did you end up grabbing?
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    Promo Cars

    Not that I have seen in my collection. If so, they are hard to find. I have seen some varios 3rd gens and 1 or 2 1st gens, but about it.
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    Camaro Wallet

    Wow...some pretty sweet wallets in there. Who wooulda known...
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    Kevin Spacey...

    The whole country is going stupid with this grooping thing. Next thing that will come via the media, "he blinked in front of me"..... #meeyelashes Oh, and while at it, Kapercrap made GQ human on the year....haha
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    how to raise driver seat?

    kids booster seat? :D
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    Best Camaro Parts catalogs

    I agree with the above. Have both for mine.
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    It's been six years!

    Lookin good. Further along than me for now. Thanks for sharing!
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    New Late 2nd Gen Diecast

    I hacve the first one from Ridgemont high, but not that second one. Where is that one from? I actually have a ton of late second gen cars in various just have to look. :)
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    New Late 2nd Gen Diecast

    But why that movie? LOL....
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    New M2 Early 2nd Gen Camaros coming

    Sweet! Thanks for the info. Will be adding to the other 1,000 Camaro's I have. :D
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    Camaro Drawings And Such

    Wow, nice. May I ask what you had to pay for that and the size of the print he gave you for the cost?
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    Man those Hellcats really fly...

    them damn pussy reporters and their news....
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    1981 Z28 T-Top 4-Speed Camaro Price?

    Is this a toy car or a real car? This is the collectible section, so people will likely think that you a model car of some sort.
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    There is one 78 Z28 Camaro Festival 500 car left.

    Cool car with some history. While I know nothing of which you ask, I appreciate you sharing.
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    Dash lens small scratches. Polish?

    Meguiar's products work great. They have a couple. Here is 1 example:
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    Custom built door panels

    Awesome work there! Thanks for sharing!
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    Anyone going to 50th Camaro at Evergreen?

    Read that PNW Camaro's will be heading to Evergreen Speedway the 29th. Anyone can attend. Will also be a great race night (not Camaro's, but winged sprints). Just curious if anyone else in here plans to go? I found my info on FB and you can probably do the same. My car won't be there (unless I...
  18. C - 2017 Group Buy Thermal/Sound Interior Insulation

    This is some good stuff. Put it in my 70 and was easy to work with and a good price for what you get. Better than the other stuff that cost more IMO.
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    Rocker Chris Cornell Has Died at Age 52

    Sad story....even for the local here. Best concert I had seen was Soundgarden and Pearl Jam in about '93 in Austin Texas. That's saying a lot considering the many concerts I had been to in my life.
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    Flat bed in my area?

    I need to move it this Friday. Is only going about 3 miles.

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