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    Anyone know this car?

    That looks like your basic charcoal grey to me. You can post a comment on the utube video for the owner and ask him directly...
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    Does anyone know what this trim is called and where to get it? (1981 Camaro)

    Rocker molding
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    RS emblem

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    RS emblem

    Do it!
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    HF Purple Gun Settings ?

    Usually you can just fill them and shoot away. Just adjust the amount of air pressure...
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    Apple will not help FBI unlock terriorist phone

    Interesting read...
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    How I want my casket driven

    To my burial plot!!!!!!!
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    never seen this before

    Everyone has a soft spot for the Europa...
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    Made an impulse purchase at Walmart

    Lol!! Too funny.... Maybe true.
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    Someone was wondering how much horsepower our car's can handle....
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    Made an impulse purchase at Walmart

    Still a nice gift to give someone for only $9.00. Store them outside please, I'd hate to see them burn your home down.
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    Apple will not help FBI unlock terriorist phone

    Charlie Rose is having an excellent show discussing it now.
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    Made an impulse purchase at Walmart

    My first thought is those li. Hoverboards going up in flames. You have 20 li.made inbchina batteries inside your home. Take precautions please....
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    Free floor mat score today.

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    tough read for dog owners....

    What an unbelievable, moving tribute to man’s best friend. This sums up exactly how every pet owner feels when it’s time to trade their happiness for their pet’s comfort....
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    Mystery Sound

    Some Ahole kid...
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    Z28 Hood scoop wrapped

    Damn....that's sweet!
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    never seen this before

    on a vette yes but not a Camaro....
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    what year, Im interested if they are 70 lowbacks. send picts to [email protected]
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    Fried Chicken

    Mikey likes it!!!