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  1. goofnrox

    I wonder how much the cost of a product...

    If it didn't say peanuts on that bag how did you know they were peanuts? Maybe they were peanut flavored and shaped tofu nuggets with no actual peanuts.
  2. goofnrox

    How to fix a Tesla in one easy step.

    The car will control the battery temp to allow it to operate/charge in nearly any climate. This is the primary reason electric cars lose range in the cold. Tesla states -22F to +140F, which covers pretty much anywhere you're going to drive a Tesla. An RV battery is just a lump of chemicals that...
  3. goofnrox

    The English System of Measurement Is Making A Comeback!

    Just to add a bit of context, the US and Australia don't use the same octane rating system, and 98 in Australia is roughly the same as 93 in the states. Kinda like the metric vs imperial.
  4. goofnrox

    It's too bad...

    Huh? The higher the altitude the lower the boiling point of water.
  5. goofnrox

    LED can lights, wiring wrong?

    This is not the case for household LED lighting. These have a power supply in them that will likely work just fine reversed.
  6. goofnrox

    Bad jokes..... NWS

    You're thinking of Nash Bridges
  7. goofnrox

    2021 Child Tax Credit payments

    If you're overpaid, you just pay it back on your 2021 return. It work out the same in the end, and you don't need to feed all your personal data to some third party, which I agree is not good.
  8. goofnrox

    2021 Child Tax Credit payments

    Automatic enrollment would have been determined from your 2020 return. Unless you went from eligible in 2020 to ineligible in 2021, there should be no reason to opt-out, as you were never in in the first place. Payment isn't automatically sent everyone. This is an advance on your 2021 return...
  9. goofnrox

    2021 Child Tax Credit payments

    It's opt-out because the vast majority of people eligible want the money right away. And even if you do opt out, you will still get the money when you file your 2021 return, assuming your qualification hasn't changed. Uncle Sam won't take the money back either, again, unless you are no longer...
  10. goofnrox

    Stuff you hear on the scanner

    Could be a Hellcat version. Only 700+ HP. Though a doubt a dealer is letting that out for a test drive.
  11. goofnrox

    Tesla Losing Major Source of Profitability

    You have a serious misunderstanding how these things work.
  12. goofnrox

    I still hate this crap

    It absolutely is an issue on desktop.
  13. goofnrox

    Sitting Pranks

    Holy double standard batman, a dude does that and he's going to jail.
  14. goofnrox

    Bad jokes..... NWS

    Bad mamma jamma? How about a dumpster fire cam:
  15. goofnrox

    Headlight film

    Not too hard, just too expensive. Plastic is considerably cheaper. And lighter. Pun fully intended.
  16. goofnrox

    Dog rights in Germany

    Sounds like dog walking is about to become a lucrative career in Deutschland.
  17. goofnrox

    1200hp Jet Ski

    Don't forget the Kevlar pants so you don't get an instant lake enema.
  18. goofnrox

    Spectrum Cost

    So, stealing to save a few bux. Got it. ;)
  19. goofnrox

    Motorcycle Insurance

    Ugh, the prices you guys pay are disgusting. Insuring things in Michigan SUCKS.
  20. goofnrox

    VIN checks on used vehicles.

    I don't know that I would put much stock in what that site tells you. I entered one of my vehicles which has a salvage title, and I bought wrecked, and it didn't show any history of accidents. I'm fairly certain it had been involved in some type of accident and repaired before the accident that...