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    Firewall carpet cover

    It bolts through those holes. There are 2 needed. No pins.
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    Random sayings

    It's drier than a popcorn fart.
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    Rear-end vent?

    HORRIBLE idea unless you're rebuilding the rear. Metal shavings do not work well in a rear end.
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    Seats tracks

    In the original setup, the carpet was cut to allow the bracket to bolt directly to the floorpan. Never encountered any other car of any time that I've dealt with putting the bolt through the carpet. It's also just a slit that needs to really be cut to slide the track under.
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    1970 454 monte carlo or 1987 monte carlo

    It's like sitting on an old 70's couch
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    1970 454 monte carlo or 1987 monte carlo

    87 will be a far more comfortable interior to ride in. Toss on a Vintage AC or something.
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    Remote Starter Solenoid - '70RS

    "Caution: Fan" sticker comment withheld :)
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    1970 454 monte carlo or 1987 monte carlo

    Why didn't I think of that back then. Sigh.
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    Remote Starter Solenoid - '70RS

    Heat and easy of remote start when working underhood. One design Ford had over GM in the heat regard.
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    1970 454 monte carlo or 1987 monte carlo

    Having had a 71 and 85,I personally would choose a stout 87. The 70-72 are huge boats and handle poorly. Fan shroud is 2/3 of a 55 gallon drum to give you an idea of the length of the front end alone. Without serious suspension & steering upgrade, that poor weight distribution makes it wallow...
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    Cost of shipping non running car/truck across country

    It did run, but was just over 800 for mine from Michigan to Florida back in 2014. Probably double that now :(
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    77 Coupe Resto

    My '76 matches the '75 fwiw
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    On my third header panel, second Hood.

    It's still always a potential factor.
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    drivers rear corner

    So can a bad one, at least for a while. Selection of shop is certainly critical.
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    Cool technology from Nascar

    Yeah, those breaker bar attempts were worthless without possibly adding heat (which I did NOT see done), Would have taken 10 Refrigerator Perrys and a 40' bar.
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    Installing hood pins for a 72

    That's why you use a cabled pin.
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    On my third header panel, second Hood.

    Has the car ever been hit?
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    Help with more parts recognition

    The openings are a factory item meant for cooling.
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    Cool technology from Nascar

    Oh crap, MATH!
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    10 bolt rear, if nothing else a solid housing to build

    Not mine, just found it local. The hood is mine pending pickup :)