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  1. 67johnny

    WTB Aftermarket Upper Control Arms.

    I see SUMMIT Racing offers a house brand for low cost. Anyone know who they source them from?
  2. 67johnny

    WTB Aftermarket Upper Control Arms.

    Am hoping to get 5 degrees of caster into the car. I dont think I can with the stock upper arms unfortunately.
  3. 67johnny

    WTB Aftermarket Upper Control Arms.

    Looking for a set to try out this year on the 70 . All brands considered. Staying with the stock lowers. Let me know what ya have. Can pick up in the Portland/Washington area! Thanks
  4. 67johnny

    Brake Booster Quality issue

    thanks, will give them a call.
  5. 67johnny

    Trunk lid won't stay up

    Would be interested to know the bar diameters that GM used on the spoiler cars. Also... were the the same rods used on the 70 one piece spoiler car or ???
  6. 67johnny

    Brake Booster Quality issue

    I wish I had a booster to send in. The car was raced for years and had a manual brake setup in place. It has me now looking for a replacement and aftermarket seems the only option available.
  7. 67johnny

    Brake Booster Quality issue

    Having a hard time finding a good one. I have sent 3 back as they were off-shore garbage with issues. Cosmetics were good but bent studs and poor stamping issues etc. Am thinking a used original may be the way to go. Any suggestions?
  8. 67johnny

    Pikes Peak hill climb Canada version !

    Hoping to see a few Gen 2 cars out for it this year ! Don't Knox it till ya try it :bowtie::cool:
  9. 67johnny

    Brake booster color

    Have not seen one of those Mr Gasket chrome PS cap dress-up covers for years! Retro rules! :cool:
  10. 67johnny

    Brake booster color

    Are there any stampings on it?
  11. 67johnny

    What Ratio 4-speed?

    FWIW... I used an M20 (2.52 1st gear) in a 3500 lb Chevelle with the factory 3.31 rear diff ratio and it was perfect. It gave me an 8.34 TMR (torque multiplication ratio) and had a respectable highway cruise RPM as well.
  12. 67johnny

    Carb adjustment issues

    You didn't mention if its original carb or aftermarket. A lumpy cam can cause low vacuum issues... Qjets dont like low vacuum. Are the tailpipe black?
  13. 67johnny

    1970 ss/rs/z28 mistake

    Just a point to ponder... if an SS HAD of ever received the 6 cylinder option under a COPO program... :eek: Cant imagine what its collector value would look like! Just sayin! LOL That gets me to the question, who decided on what was allowed or not ?
  14. 67johnny


    Thanks Rick!
  15. 67johnny

    Valve train noise after it's warmed up completely--SBC

    I had a good chat with a tech at Comp Cams way back when. He said there was a lot of noise complaints about the extreme energy hydraulic cams sounding like a sewing machine and its root cause being the valves slamming shut very fast causing this noise. I have heard this sound many times since ...
  16. 67johnny


    I wish I had of known of this better quality carpet 6 months ago. Can someone post up a part number for the good gen 2 ACC 80/20 quality carpet for me? I am sure I will be replacing the low end crapet I installed sooner than later! :whine::whine::whine:
  17. 67johnny

    1970 Inner fender

    Good point on the LA versus Norwood.
  18. 67johnny

    Vin Tag ? Red. Green Z no Zzz

    Screws for late 73... good to learn new things! Good info Tom. :bowtie:
  19. 67johnny

    WTB: 1970 Headrests and escutcheons for both seats

    Hey Dave. What color are you after?
  20. 67johnny

    LS swap kit preference

    What motor mounts/oil pan are best for a 4L80 trans placement. Have been told that there may be some tunnel issues?