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  1. gutted72

    Tittie Tuesday....

  2. gutted72

    Tittie Tuesday....

    How about a nudge back to page 1 ;)
  3. gutted72

    Claremore Spring Swap Meet this weekend...

    How did you do Britt? Hopefully the wind didn't blow you away?
  4. gutted72

    Claremore Spring Swap Meet this weekend...

    Here's to hoping you go home with less stuff than when you arrived 😨
  5. gutted72

    2022 Regional Swap Meet list...

    guess that means this year should be really good. Hopefully the sellers aren't trying to get rich off of their stuff cause I'm poor.
  6. gutted72

    Bad jokes..... NWS

    I have that as my background picture on my phone. :crazy:
  7. gutted72

    2022 Regional Swap Meet list...

    I'm going to really try to attend the kellyville event this year, I've missed it the last couple of years, mostly because I didn't know when it was.
  8. gutted72

    2022 Regional Swap Meet list...

    Thanks, Doc.
  9. gutted72

    Saving a Gen II

    Sounds like you are almost done, I thought for sure you would figure out the heated seat issue and get it working. If I remember correctly the heated seats are actually controlled by the vehicle computer and I'm not sure they would work without it. Keep us posted and post up some pictures...
  10. gutted72

    Saving a Gen II

    DLY, You got that thing done yet? We need some pictures...
  11. gutted72

    Bad jokes..... NWS

    Guess I better call and make that appointment ;)
  12. gutted72

    Tulsa / Kellyville swap meet 2021

    Thanks for the update Brit. I need me some engine pieces
  13. gutted72

    It all started with 2 friggin cabinets...overhauling (the garage)

    Just think what would happen if you decided to overhaul a work bench, oh the horror ;)
  14. gutted72

    OKC Cars and Coffee

    Sounds like fun. Enjoy the event.
  15. gutted72

    Camaro video

    They sure had a bunch of RS Camaro's and none had a rear deck lid spoiler. Which I find funny, cause almost everyone has the spoilers now.
  16. gutted72

    How many of you...

    If I would get off my butt and fix the transmission, I would drive the 72 more. Plus it doesn't hurt to bad when 87 octane is at $2.80 a gallon ;)
  17. gutted72

    11/11/2021 - Roll Call...

    US Navy 1985 - 2005 4 Submarines and 1 f'n mine sweeper.
  18. gutted72

    Route 66 Cruisers Swap Meet in Claremore, Oct. 1 & 2, 2021...

    Britt, Did I miss the swap meet season for this year? The reason I ask, I'm going to attempt to put together a middle of the road (375ish HP) 350 for the C10 but need some critical parts (pistons, rods, crank, heads) and as usual I'm starting the project when everything I need is overpriced...
  19. gutted72

    Crazy stuff found in cars when restoring

    I bought a 68 C10 a few years ago. When I got it home I pulled the bench out of it. Under the seat were 4 mice skeletons, a serious amount of pens and pencils and over $150 in change. (quarters, nickels, dimes, pennies) And of course all of that change was covered with years of whatever fluids...
  20. gutted72

    Successful First Car Show

    Congrats. Nothing beats that first award feeling :)