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  1. 79ws6resto

    Bucket Seat Foams

    Has anyone used the less expensive replacement seat foams? I have used a set from ACI and was happy with them but I am wondering if the others (half the cost of an ACI set) are also good...? They look identical in catalog pictures. I'm not sure of the manufacturer..could be PUI.
  2. 79ws6resto

    New Tires for '70

    What was the factory tire size (for 14") on a base model '70? 215/70/14...? I am going to use the rally rims pictured (14x7) and am looking at buying 225/70/14...I doubt I'd have any rubbing issues with that tire height but wanted to double-check with you guys...thank you
  3. 79ws6resto

    Cowl to Fender Seals

    Wondering if anyone has purchased a repro set of these and if you were pleased with quality...? I've seen them offered in a few different places and the appearance seems to differ place to place, any advice on where to purchase (Classic Ind, Steele Rubber, etc) for best fit/quality?
  4. 79ws6resto

    AMD '70-'73 Full Quarter Panel Pictures?

    I recall someone posted full pix showing both front and back of these panels when they received them but I can't seem to locate them in a search. Does anyone else recall the pictures and where I can find them? Link? Thank you
  5. 79ws6resto

    Threaded Inserts

    Some of the threaded inserts (Riv-nut or similar) in the trans tunnel of my '70 are missing. I know I will need these for mounting the console mounts and/or shifter. Are these available aftermarket/repro?
  6. 79ws6resto

    NEW Inner and Outer Window Sweeps

    For Sale: NEW inner and outer window sweeps. I got these a few years ago and ended up not using them. PUI brand..never installed..have been stored in original box for years. Little dusty from storage but ready to install. These are for 70-81 fbody w/o the chrome appearance option...
  7. 79ws6resto

    Fisher t-top Hatch Trim

    For Sale: GM parts! Fisher t-top hatch trim. RH and LH..both orginal black parts though one was painted red at one time. Very good cracks/breaks or chalkiness whatsoever. $80. shipped (lower 48 states)
  8. 79ws6resto

    Fuel Tank...1970

    Looking at buying a new fuel tank for my '70 project and came across a great price at Ground Up. Part #: XT-70X and Part #: XT-70XE My concern is it is NOT listed as being a Spectra brand (rather it only says "import") and the price seems almost too low (on sale for $104.95) to be good news...
  9. 79ws6resto

    Couple of "Is this "Original"/"Correct" Questions

    Saw this '70 on eBay and noticed a couple things that stood out to me...wondering if they are incorrect as I suspect. Is this shifter bezel right? Don't recall seeing the gear indicators on a '70 before? Should the "Camaro" emblem be present on the trunk when a spoiler is used?
  10. 79ws6resto

    Rear Window Install with Butyl AND Urethane

    I should have bookmarked it but... I recall seeing a thread here within the last few days of a member who had their rear glass installed using the butyl tape and urethane also. There were pictures and I believe it was a '75-'81 rear glass....dark colored car I've looked backwards here and...
  11. 79ws6resto

    Custom-made Dogtags and Keychains

    Posting this to help out a friend going through some difficult times right now. These are beautifully made dogtag necklaces and keychains. Custom pictures and text are no problem for Shelley. Price is $5.00 each. Shipping is included for lower 48 states...please contact for shipping rates...
  12. 79ws6resto

    Toe boards anyone?

    As far as I've known, toe boards and the pan under the rear seat hasn't been available in reproduction as was the rest of the floorpans. I came across this recently and thought I'd share...
  13. 79ws6resto

    1970-73 Camaro Rear Valance Panel

    I have no need for this as I have a full tail panel for my project so I thought someone else might need this panel. This is a new (repro) lower rear valance. Still in black EDP coating ...never used or installed. I do not have a picture at this time but it is exactly as seen in the link...
  14. 79ws6resto

    Golden Legion

    I'm looking at purchasing a few large body panels (full quarters, roof, and trunk pan) from a dealer online. They told me their panels are stamped by Golden Legion ("same sold by Goodmark"...according to the dealer). Wondering how many have had experience with Golden Legion parts and how...
  15. 79ws6resto

    Parts Illustration Book?

    Looking for a good parts illustration book for my '70 (parts blow-ups, part and group numbers, etc). I already have the assembly manual and service manual...just wondering if there is another source I can add to my collection. Any help or sources are appreciated.
  16. 79ws6resto

    T-Top Roof Rail Drip Moldings

    Metal drip rails that install on the edge of Fisher t-tops. They need cleaned and a good polishing but pretty good shape otherwise. Will be shipped in a cardboard tube to protect them... $30. shipped
  17. 79ws6resto

    Original Colors

    Based on my cowl tag info, my '70 was originally (#14) Cortez Silver with a white (A) vinyl top interior with white accents (713, Bkw/cc) I'm a factory original kind of guy for sure but not sure I'd be happy with a white top on a silver body....thinking of going with a black top...
  18. 79ws6resto

    Dealer Invoice..?

    So my '70 was a bare rolling project when I got trace of a buildsheet. Is there any type of service out there that can provide a background (based on the VIN) on our cars? VIN and cowl tag info only tell me so much... :( I know Pontiacs have PHS which provides documentation (for a...
  19. 79ws6resto

    Stolen Camaro...Texas

    Just wanted to spread the word:
  20. 79ws6resto

    WTB: Ash Tray/Light Assembly for '70-'72 Console

    WTB: Ash Tray/Light Assembly, etc for '70-'72 Console Looking for the assembly (circled in red) shown in picture below (borrowed picture, not my car) Looking for this piece in good usable (repairable) condition. Please let me know what you have along with a picture and price. Thanks in...