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  1. RS1979

    RIP Brett Andrews - funeral information

    This is Brett’s wife. Sadly he passed away Sunday morning. Services are as follows: Family Funeral Home at Summer and Mendenhall, Wednesday may 12, 2021 Visitation at noon Service at 2pm Burial right after at Memphis Funeral Home on Germantown pkwy (across from Faith Baptist Church) This is in...
  2. RS1979

    This is Brett’s wife. He passed away this morning.

    This is Brett’s wife. He passed away this morning.
  3. RS1979

    I still hate this crap

    BTW F5 works great. Thanks Terry
  4. RS1979

    I’m into Drifting

    She's a good candidate for Tittie Tuesday
  5. RS1979

    Anyone ever deal with Maple Motors in Hendersonville Tenn?

    We'll be pretty close to each other. About 3 hours away
  6. RS1979

    Tittie Tuesday....

    Have a Coke and a smile:):)
  7. RS1979

    Truck Jumps

    Having a $1.00 bill sticking out of my pocket protector will get the party started
  8. RS1979

    Bad jokes..... NWS

    Good. Let her and the baby's daddy work out the child care arrangements.
  9. RS1979

    Good Times Bad Times - Yoyoka on drums & the rest of the band

    They sound great together.
  10. RS1979

    Truck Jumps

    Maybe so but experience and knowledge would satisfy their sweet tooth
  11. RS1979

    Bad jokes..... NWS

    That's a real nature tour
  12. RS1979

    Truck Jumps

    I'd pour some sugar on both the girls and the truck
  13. RS1979

    Tittie Tuesday....

    SPG found life size boobies
  14. RS1979

    Installing Big Block

    Nice job. It looks at home in your car.
  15. RS1979

    Bad jokes..... NWS

    The father of the 3 year old that did that should be proud
  16. RS1979

    Carb Shopping

    I had a 650dp on my 350 and it ran pretty good. I had a 3310 on the shelf at home. A buddy told me I should rebuild it and try it out. He said you won't be disappointed. After rebuilding it and putting it on, I was shocked at how much better my car ran. I'd definitely recommend a 3310. Try to...
  17. RS1979

    Well......I'm not sure what to say about this...

    Assault with a deadly weapon? It must have had teeth.
  18. RS1979

    I'm doing a concert this weekend (April 10th)

    Signed up and looking forward to it. What instrument do you play?
  19. RS1979

    what do you see

    Rust Beach. Oh the fun I had there.