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    I guess I'm going to have to take another trip

    If that is the case what have I been up to? In short, nothing. Haven't had time. Just thought I would drop by and say hello to everyone and give Marv a hard time.:)
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    Computer problem

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    Computer problem

    P4 3.2 dual core processor, 1gb memory, asus mother board, two dvd drives, maxtor 300 gb sata hard drive. What other info do you need?
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    Computer problem

    I helped a friend built a computer last weekend. He wanted to use a maxtor 300gb sata hard drive. He is wanting to use windows xp as the OS. All of the parts are new. The problem he is having is when he tries to load the OS it hangs and has an error message before windows starts to load...
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    The little E-tech 406,,, GO HOME

    I surprised it took your friend this long to want to go quicker hanging around you. :)
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    Voice of the People - America

    I see your point but you didn't live in those countries or plan to make them your home. If someone is moving into this country or for that matter any other country in the world they should have to learn that countries language. This is the only country that I know of that if you don't want to...
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    Flash web site design

    Gary does their software have a way to export/publish the design to the web?
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    Flash web site design

    Has anyone built a flash web page and published it? If so, how did you publish it and what software did you use?
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    Family or Air Force.....

    Don't you get that retirement check no matter what age you are? You still have 13 years left to retirement or 13 years in? Does anything come before family?
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    Any visual basic or programmers on here

    I need to learn a little visual basic or programming and wondered where a good place to start would be. Any ideas?
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    How do you guys tune your Cal-tracs?!

    What kind of problems? It is best if you have a friend help you. They should be adjusted with you sitting in the car. If you are having a lot of trouble call Calvert he is usually there and will help you solve your problems? I heard they went up in price. What did you pay for yours?
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    Time to let the cat out of the bag I guess

    Marv send me the dvd and I can transfer it to an mpeg, mpeg2 or wmv file so you can load it on your web site or whatever you wish to do with it. I wondered when you were going to tell everyone what you have been working on. Great job and I know there is a lot more in it.
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    the king of sweet deals strikes again!

    Why would we hate you? They are big blocks. :)
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    10 pt cage cost $$$$

    $3500 is to high. My 12 point mild steel cage cost me $1000.
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    Roll Cage Questions

    Make your own subframe connectors. For under $20 you should be able to make your own. There are some plans on here some where about what size and how to install them. I would use 2x2 square tubing if I was going to do mine again. I used 2x3 and they stick up in the rear floor pans a little...
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    Roll Cage Questions

    I would have a custom cage done. They fit better then most of the kits you are going to get. Plus as stated above look at some of this guys work. Make sure he can do what he says he can do. We have a lot of dirt track racers around here. Most of the tech people look to see if it has a...
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    Ross pistons

    No nitrous for now. Just need a couple more degrees.
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    how heavy am i??

    Oh do you?
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    Ross pistons

    I was wondering if Chris, Monty, Marv, Rick and others have messed with Ross racing pistons? If so, have any of you tried to lay the domes over any? I currently have a set of 18 degree dome pistons that I am thinking about trying to change the domes a little. I don't know if they are solid...
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    Making a little progress

    Yes maybe one day this car will be done. It really doesn't bother me that it is dirty and has body dust in every possible area. I am glad I am going to redo the wiring so I can get out the power washer and spray everything down. Should make easy work of the body filler dust. There are few...