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    Will a pair or 4" speakers fit/work in the dash?

    This was my 4" in the dash using the bracket from the orig mono speaker
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    First gokart practice!

    Isn't he Swedish?
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    Favorite Shirts

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    This time it is the Japanese cheating

    ^ Kinda like all those Mitsubishi zeros
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    This time it is the Japanese cheating

    They must be trying to follow GMs lead
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    F-1 car in the Lincoln Tunnel...!

    I'm sure commuters were thrilled that traffic was backed up because someone wanted to make a video.
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    Changing a lightbulb - Ho Hum

    How about High Voltage cable inspector . . no climbing AoPrMgx1xJE
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    sound right to you guys?

    Autozone will rent you the inner tie rod tool for free.
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    This should be a fun family hauler

    5sVmoOZRypk sorry I couldn't help it, good luck with the Jeep
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    How to stop a bike thief

    pretty funny
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    This guy is really in to his woman

    This is why I don't like to shake hands
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    Please no, 2017 Buick Grand National

    Everyone calm down, pretty sure that's just an artist rendering not the actual car
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    Well I won!!!!

    Did I ever tell you that you're my favorite Nasty member
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    Chevy or Ford...?

    That Chevy has got some huge mud flaps
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    23 year old truck driver destroys bridge built in 1880..

    I wonder if this will negatively affect her next performance appraisal
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    Shopping in Texas

    [need the sound on to watch] Vt7FDTpzGvo
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    Found me some kickass pants

    Seems like you've been actively looking for stars and stripe pants, you must want a pair bad maybe just drop a hint to the wife and she'll get you some for xmas
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    Old car movies and commercials...

    Very cool . . thanks for the link
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    Where To Buy Castle Nuts?

    Are you removing the tie rod ends in the correct manner? You shouldn't have to beat on the nut.
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    Pillow advice needed. *NSFW*

    I would never get any sleep with a pillow like that