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  1. Chevrolaine

    MLK Day?

    Don't hang it in a public place. Someone is sure to be offended by that slight...:rolleyes:
  2. Chevrolaine

    Walmart, Famous Cars

    Fixed. Thanks Meek. ;)
  3. Chevrolaine

    Walmart, Famous Cars

    Hate em or not, they knocked it out of the park with this commercial!!
  4. Chevrolaine

    Edsel camper - yard art

    I'd ad that to my collection of yard art in a minute! :cool: How much for shipping to Illinois!??:smokin::crazy:
  5. Chevrolaine

    Storage Units

    Sorry to hear Florida didn't work out!
  6. Chevrolaine

    Storage Units

    Off site rental units or backyard storage? Would think a 10x20 minimum if you want a car in it.
  7. Chevrolaine

    Bloomington Gold for Camaro's? Could be soon....

    ...[the Camaro] is a nice stepping stone before entering the Corvette hobby. No, they're not arrogant at all.:rolleyes: I'd love to get me a C3 some day but not sure I can handle the pressure.:crazy:
  8. Chevrolaine

    Front bumper filler panels picture

    BARELY visible. I put em on only because I had em but I wouldn't buy any.
  9. Chevrolaine

    I found this interesting...

    Makes sense. Eastwood is only at the bottom because they don't offer much.
  10. Chevrolaine

    Another Collector who doesn't know how to care for rare cars

    Kudos to him! Zero f##ks given!:cool:
  11. Chevrolaine

    Flickr Notice Starting Jan 8, 2019

    @^#^%#$^ Because that worked out so well for PB...:rolleyes:
  12. Chevrolaine

    working on cars in winter and heated shop..what to do about the moisture on the cars?

    I put a simple box fan on the ground in front of the car that seemed to help quite a bit. Left it on 24/7 all winter long. Keeps the air moving and dries things out quicker.
  13. Chevrolaine

    Sure, why not...

    Now that McDonalds has pulled cheeseburgers, fries and chocolate milk from their (un)Happy Meals, maybe this will be the replacement. "12 years to save the planet"? we've been hearing that for 40 years.:screwup::rolleyes:
  14. Chevrolaine

    Something missing.

    At 54, I'll take all the coddling I can get!:lush: And the sooner all cars drive themselves - the better. People driving cars use to be Ok, now with the Me First/Entitlement/Cell phone Society we have, that's no longer the case. I'll risk technology over a human driver any day.:cool:
  15. Chevrolaine

    Tesla Manufacturing Problems

    :crazy: It's like he just read this thread before the interview or something!
  16. Chevrolaine

    In Oahu enjoying every min

    Say hi to The Bucket List Family for me while your there!:cool:
  17. Chevrolaine

    Tesla Manufacturing Problems

    Did anyone else think it looked like Elon was on the verge of crying throughout that whole 60 minutes interview on Sunday? Dude looks emotionally unstable!
  18. Chevrolaine

    Most boring Score Baja 1000 race ever

    Another nail in the coffin...
  19. Chevrolaine

    Carhartt jackets- what's the draw?

    Just another product where you're paying for the name. They are no doubt nice, but others have caught up. Walls are cheaper, just as nice, not so stiff and last just as long. I hardly wear my heavy one as it's too warm.
  20. Chevrolaine

    Happy Birthday, Sal!!

    Happy Birthday!!