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  1. MChamp

    Noisy rear after sitting 20 yrs in garage, common ?

    sounds like putting an old cam in with new lifters and visa verca just saying. sorry to sound cynical. G'luck!
  2. MChamp

    Thoughts and Prayers for Officer Moldovan

    smdh, so sensless. God be with him, the family and all involved.
  3. MChamp

    Would a 7500 watt heater be enough?

    my shops 24x24x11.. an 8x8 and 10x8 plain jane roll-up "styrofoam" doors. Walls/ceiling are R-13 insulation....... Concrete Floor..... We used a 110,000 torpedo blower and would get hot. (No one died. Ya'll would freak at my exaust fan when spraying paint). Torpedo quit last winter and I used a...
  4. MChamp

    1970 Sleeper project

    gonna look sharp!
  5. MChamp

    Dropping brake pedal

    agreed. stomp the h8ll out of the pedal several times.
  6. MChamp

    Dropping brake pedal

    sounds like a hella lot of brake work and air indeed..
  7. MChamp

    What is this?

    clean the wires off so we can see the colors better. looks like part of the heater/blower circuit
  8. MChamp

    Xten in the hospital

    Prayers Phil, and best wishes to you
  9. MChamp

    Dyno tuned 434 SBC 11:1 AFR 245 Solid Roller

    h8lla yeah, "hate to see her go, but love to watch her leave" :bowtie:
  10. MChamp

    Locations for sunvisors, coat hooks, etc

    I forget what your'e werking on?
  11. MChamp

    AMD Fender - 75 Camaro

    They'll be going out of business soon my thinkin'..........
  12. MChamp

    Subframe insert for back drive linkage

    ain't it a trip we're talking about 3D printing parts nowadays? now someone make me a freeking wiper switch for my '72 I'll be happy happy!
  13. MChamp

    Belt squealing issue.. Help!

    I'd put a scuff on that new compressor pulley before anything..
  14. MChamp

    Power Steering Gear Sector Shaft Cover torque specs best I could find through google without specifics..
  15. MChamp

    Welding Sheet Metal Help

    sandblast it and patch'll at least fit back
  16. MChamp

    Welding Sheet Metal Help

    o_0??? dooo what?
  17. MChamp

    Z28 fender emblem help.

    heck, try that gorrila glue. if it falls off they aint "that" bad to replace.
  18. MChamp

    flanged hoop scoop attachment ideas?

    whats a good set of drill bits these days? I should get a sharpener I guess. I have slews of 'em in boxes.
  19. MChamp

    flanged hoop scoop attachment ideas?

    these are pretty kool to have.