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  1. xten

    77 Camaro Blinkers Stopped working

    I think what Gary S and Twisted Metal were suggesting is what you should try first before you go through anything else. if you haven't done this yet, locate both flashers. Put the one from your blinkers into the 4 way socket. Put the one from the 4 way socket into the blinker socket. Switch...
  2. xten

    Fuel filter 1972 402

    We had a 402 ElCamino here that sat for a couple years. Wasn't drawing fuel to the pump. After checking the lines, kid kept dumping gas in the carb to make it run till the pump got primed. It was dry, that's all that was wrong. That was a couple years ago and it still starts and runs to this day.
  3. xten

    On my third header panel, second Hood.

    These cars didn't fit together well when they were new. I worked at a Chevy dealer when they came out. Funny, people didn't notice how bad they fit till they were hit. When they came out of the body shop, they better be perfect, or close to it. I remember fixing one hit in the rear (not hard at...
  4. xten

    Mecum 2022

    Tom, is this the one you saw? Looked pretty nice to me too. Saw the results for these. None of them sold as far as I know.
  5. xten

    Post Your Race / Competition Videos Here

    Cool vid. Your buddy is a true friend and a gentleman. Very considerate of him. I know you were gittin it, so that 67 must pull like a freight train!
  6. xten

    Random sayings

    Confusious sayings from local morning show
  7. xten

    Random sayings

    My mom: "Eat it or wear it"
  8. xten

    Random sayings

    No brain, no headache. Most people get older and wiser...You'll just get older (my dad)
  9. xten

    Another interesting EFI vs Carb thread....

    I still think combination is crucial. If it all works together, that is key. If I were to do another build and to go FI, that would be instrumental in components used. For me, that will never change, especially compression, camshaft, valve train, ring gap, heads and clearances to be compatible...
  10. xten

    Random sayings

    Two wrongs don't make a right, but three lefts do!
  11. xten

    Random sayings

    Friend had a meat packing plant. His saying was "You can lick our chops, but you can't beat our meat"
  12. xten

    Didnt know it was that easy

    I have raced at Beech Bend many times. One of my favorite tracks. They have an amusement park, water park, nice camp ground and an asphalt circle track all on the grounds. Very nostalgic. Trailer your car there and get some passes Chuck, before you start changing things just to get a baseline...
  13. xten

    Wix/Napa oil filter

    Who makes Moroso filters? I've used them for years and haven't had a problem.
  14. xten

    Drag race radio ad from 1970, some familiar names

    I remember those days and names. That was a big deal when any of those guys came to town.
  15. xten

    350 engine has low power above 3500 rpm + vibration

    Or a camshaft or lifter on it's way south.
  16. xten

    Bad jokes..... NWS

  17. xten

    Local Friday night car show

    How bout 3 in a row?
  18. xten

    Transmission Reverse Wiring

    I used one of these: Just ran a key hot to it and grounded it. It goes on the trans where the reverse linkage rod is. The micro-switch trips the power to the reverse lights when it is contacted bu the linkage. You still have to find the positive...
  19. xten

    Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road - Answers

    I always thought the chicken crossed the road because he wanted to see the guy on the other side laying brick
  20. xten

    New pack member is home.

    What a beautiful pup! Love my Labs. Often wondered why nobody ever came up with a small version...