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  1. DB Z28

    Chain saw carb rebuild

    Carb rebuild kits are cheap and easy to do
  2. DB Z28

    What the best way to go for a new front end cover OEM rubber or flex fiberglass cover on 1978-81 camaro

    What is the best way to go a fiber glass flex cover or the OEM rubber cover, mine just started to spider crack never had the car outside yet still building on it got painted 5 years ago. what is the best?
  3. DB Z28

    1979 Camaro Engine Removal (hood clearance)

    No you will not have enough clearance . Remove the hood makes it a lot better
  4. DB Z28

    My 1979 Camaro Z28 Project!

    Very nice
  5. DB Z28

    383 Cylinder Head Selection

    I Think the heads will be to big going to 220 heads the motor will get lazy. you 200 to 210 heads for intake runner size
  6. DB Z28

    Personalized Plates

    Their one in our town on his third gen camaro plate says Slezze
  7. DB Z28

    E3 plugs

    We ran the plugs on the dyno their was no difference in power no nothing just a waste of your money . Just a smoke and mirror show . NGK plugs are the best
  8. DB Z28

    Some dogs are more than mutts

    What a great picture dog looks as proud as can be
  9. DB Z28

    Theyre after your portable Generators now

    Its all about controlling the people and Taxing , no electricity no one goes any where. And can only go so far before your battery wore out. they can shut you down at anytime. Gas or fuel you can last a lot longer . Cant wait till all the Brown outs starting because every one depended on the grid.
  10. DB Z28

    Makita, Dewalt or Milwaukee

    Ok Dewalt have better batteries but seem to brake more often while Milwaukee tools tools are tufr and last longer.
  11. DB Z28

    Opinions on Optima batteries

    I had a new red top that lasted 2 years and still have a old yellow top that 15 years old and still going . so go figure.
  12. DB Z28

    electric dremel or pneumatic die grinder to clearance block for stroker

    I use Foredom and all our cylinder head and intake porting excellent control with the foot pedal
  13. DB Z28

    electric dremel or pneumatic die grinder to clearance block for stroker

    Dremel is to light weight use you will burn. it out pneumatic is what we use in the shop
  14. DB Z28

    New LED Healights that fit our cars by Holley

    Looked at them all. Dapper Lights l Their Lights look like they have the eyeball look Don t care for that look.In our electrical lab we have all the Led headlights made out their and being tested a lot of headlights on our Motorcycles have the eyeball look . The reason i like the Holley lights...
  15. DB Z28

    New LED Healights that fit our cars by Holley

    I see Holley cane out with new led headlights that fit our cars They have them in yellow 5700k Classic white 3000K and Modern white 5700K . They say direct fit just plug them in Ill have to tell Santa to get me a set for Christmas They are around $179 and 200 apiece . should get them buy...
  16. DB Z28

    Place your bets.

    they might lowball you 8500 and have it on the lot for 12500
  17. DB Z28

    Anyone had a car stolen?

    Back in 1978 had a 125 yz dirt bike almost stolen. Someone broke in our garage I saw them and go in the garage and so i ran outside in the middle of the night and saw him running pushing my dirt bike down the sidewalk so I shot him with my air rifle.He dropped the bike and he fell and got up...
  18. DB Z28

    Almost snowblower time

    Do you know why the snowmen are always smiling? They heard the snow blower coming.
  19. DB Z28

    Crazy stuff found in cars when restoring

    Some Hot wheels under rear seat
  20. DB Z28

    Where Does This Go? #2

    If its the size of a small fist it on the lower steering shaft