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    anyone mess with those china quads?

    60 bucks for a roteka50 on craigslist. dragged it home, jumped the battery, sprayed some carb cleaner and it runs! still need to clean the carb. owner thought it was a 2 stroke so he was running gas oil mix. Probably going to sell it, maybe for a whopping 100 bucks. jim
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    Cool technology from Nascar

    that would leave a bruise but a better video would have been another car hitting that thing at 130 after the 1st car came to a stop. jim
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    Neighbor trying to sell me this 67 Mustang convertible

    used 302 and cheap trans, fix the brakes, new tires and drive it like you stole it! leave the restoration to the next owner. jim
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    I saw this post a few days ago and didn't even notice the lines inserted, went and looked just now and saw the joke. jim
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    Neighbor trying to sell me this 67 Mustang convertible

    there's probably a question like this on a mustang forum. neighbors trying to sell my this pos 70 camaro with 2 dinky bumpers for 1000 bucks, should I buy it? when my daughter was 15 and we were looking for a first car for her, lady had a 67 fastback body on a trailer for 1000 bucks. no...
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    Neighbor trying to sell me this 67 Mustang convertible

    I'm must be missing something. a convertible mustange body for a 1000 bucks? it would already be parked in my yard!. jim
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    FL Sheriff wants you to shoot a B&E burglar

    if someone thinks my stuff is worth more than their life, go ahead and try to break in while I'm home. Too many news stories of crazies attacking innocent people. So the media pretty much convices the average Joe that anyone breaking in is a threat. jim
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    Well, the Ebay tax is real.

    there's just too much money being swapped around and the govt is now wanting thier cut. Ebay and shopping on line was great when it first came out, no taxes, free shipping, why buy local? I bet next up will be electric cars, when there's more of them on the road, the govt free ride will come to...
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    Series I Savings Bonds

    they are 5 year bonds, cant cash them for 1 year. then 1 to year 5 if you cash them you get penalized the interest of the last 3 months. each person can buy up to 10k a year, and up to 5000 of your tax refund. it can never go below 0. we bought last December and buying again tonight. jim
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    Chrome Cancer?

    not chrome, but I've got a centerline auto drag that's got the bead area pitted probably oxidation? Lots of bead sealer to get them to seal. jim
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    Post a *PIC* of your latest purchase...

    breaker 19.... nib midland cb radio at a yard sale for 10 bucks, even has the locking slide mount. jim
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    Prices are Going Up!

    seems the fast food service, lack of correct orders and prices. really no reason to go out. when we want a burger, I'll buy 2 or 3 pounds of lean ground beef and smoke a bunch of burgers at home for less than going out. jim
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    Running out of electric?

    I think a ev would be a decent A to B around town car for most people that use cars for back and forth to work. But a few things that would hold some of us back would be the cost of a new EV. if I'm buying a $40k car, it's got to have a bed, 4 doors and be able to take my toys into the desert. a...
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    Drag Racing Class Questions

    I know nothing about different class racing, but if your friend is asking what car to get into, she probably isn't a mechanic either. So, to make it easy on her wallet and you who might become her mechanic why not steer her to a newer camaro or a hellcat? those things are fast, pretty reliable...
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    Running out of electric?

    anyone see the roadkill episode when they were in some cold state, ran a generator on the trunk to power a electric heater in the car?
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    Running out of electric?

    how large of generator would you need to stuff in the trunk to keep a electric car running down the road say at 75mph? jim
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    Sooo what u doing this weekend “

    sierra vista az. kids found the home that checks most of their wishes except for the price!. jim
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    Sooo what u doing this weekend “

    headed to my kids to help them move about 15 min away from our house they're in now
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    sealed headlight

    those aren't regular 6 volt sealed beams like our 12 volt camaro bulbs? maybe a tile/glass drill bit and snake a bulb in it or heat the plug and remove the back of the bulb and insert the led in from the back?
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    Theyre after your portable Generators now

    I'm in the camp of don't tell me what to do. they forced the recycle barrels and cut trash pickup to once a week and still charge the same. The recycle is now every other week and only time it gets used is when the trash container is full. And it goes out empty to the curb, if I'm paying for the...