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  1. Camarocore

    My Moody Boy Project Progress...

    good job aria!
  2. Camarocore

    i always wanted oldschool pro stock.. but this is a street raced car

    :eek: :eek: :eek: :confused: :confused:
  3. Camarocore

    i always wanted oldschool pro stock.. but this is a street raced car

    yeah i got used one from a friend now i need to paint them black
  4. Camarocore

    i always wanted oldschool pro stock.. but this is a street raced car

    thanks! yes i did long time ago. when i lived in 1srael. and the police was after everyone that modify or raced cars there. i didnt want google search find my posts . this why i write the country name like that too. :confused: :confused: :confused:
  5. Camarocore

    12.99/$1,299 Cars Illustrated 1991 Camaro Z28

    good job Dennis . remember TPIS :) :) :) :) Koby
  6. Camarocore

    Harness floor mount

    guys, yes i live in NYC but my car is located in 1sreal its illegal to modify or race there and defiantly cant cage a frikin car there so as for now im going with the bolt on rollbar till i will sale or bring the car to the states if this car ever see state side its going for 4 link and...
  7. Camarocore

    Harness floor mount

    agree but what you guys think about the bolt on bars
  8. Camarocore

    Harness floor mount

    is that a good compromise ? its 100% bolt on ?
  9. Camarocore

    Harness floor mount

    whats funny that driving with a cage or roll bar its illegal in that stupid country .
  10. Camarocore

    Harness floor mount

    so lets say i create a mount plate straight back to the back panel of the rear seats. i can get away with Shoulder straps ?
  11. Camarocore

    Harness floor mount

    i know , but lets say you got a street car and you want to be safer then the OEM belt . any solutions ?
  12. Camarocore

    Harness floor mount

    Any racing Harness out there for floor mount ?
  13. Camarocore

    Let's talk AFR cylinder heads

    I recommend West Cylinder Heads in Arkadelphia, AR great guy he working with Brodix allot.
  14. Camarocore

    Is this a L78 Holley 780 carb?

    with all the new carburetors out there why using old POS also dont you want to got with Mechanical secondary?
  15. Camarocore

    Budget Build Twin Turbo LT1

    believe it or not but on turbos the heads flow not really effects the performance like on NA or Nitrous applications i think you good for 14psi but! those Lt1 got one weak bottom end.
  16. Camarocore

    LSX 5.3 into 73 Camaro

    why not convert it to ls1/ls6?
  17. Camarocore

    Budget Build Twin Turbo LT1

    cool project i must say i know its budget minded but i would go with single plain intake and bigger Tbody. just saying
  18. Camarocore

    '78 Z- Wraith Revisited

    i think you will kill that T10 again TKO will be much better fit for your tq and you get to have OD

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